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Thomas Alva Edison
Robert Frost
Mrs. Behn, History
I, Robert Frost declare my choice for the Spirit of Invention Award to Thomas Alva Edison for his invention of the Electric Lamp.
On this day, we have gathered here to discuss and decide which recipient will receive the Spirit of Invention Award. We have narrowed the contenders down to Thomas Alva Edison and Alexander Graham Bell. As head of this committee, I will hereby make an argument to support my choice for this award. Though many may not agree, I believe this choice is for the best of people and for the inventor himself. As I mentioned earlier, the decision I have made for this award is, Thomas Alva Edison. Throughout the course of this event, I have witnessed many accounts of remarkable inventions that have surprised me in many different ways. As we narrow down, I have become most surprised and amazed at the invention of the Electric Lamp. This invention has brought many factors into my attention and has shown me the true importance for its purpose. Without the electric lamp, we would have to use candles and gas lights for the next hundred years. The electric lamp is more efficient and safer than other light sources and has improved the efficiency of everyday life. It has also allowed other products and ideas to become possible because of what it brought to the table. Before I carry on to support my decision, I must first incorporate the time we live in now, and the not only of the time of the past, but of the future.
The year is 1880. Inventions have popped up around America almost every month in the past year. Inventions that have made life for a normal American citizen better than ever. Many of these inventions have helped with transportation, communication, shopping, living, and much more. They have proven to be the focal point of many states because they not only provide jobs and money, but they can help America prosper and become more advanced. These inventions have provided jobs and opportunities for those who have been struggling to support themselves and their families. Factories employ hundreds of workers every year as they continue to grow, expanding our economy. Since the Industrial Revolution started in 1760, it has become known as a high point for the American people. Since it has started, it has inspired people to create their own inventions. We have been grateful enough to be presented with such amazing works of art as we have in front of us today.
Now that we have covered the background on the Industrial Revolution, it is now time to cover the background on the nominee that I have chosen to receive this award.
Thomas Alva Edison was born on February 11, 1847, in Milan, Ohio into a family that already housed six children. His parents, Samuel and Nancy Edison were both major influences on Thomas's life. At a young age, Thomas went nearly deaf due to scarlet fever and ear infections. After saving a...

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