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Thoughts About "Nothing Gold Can Stay" And Paradise Lost

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Robert Frost's poem, "Nothing Gold Can Stay," suggests that anything in life can seem outstanding at first, but at some point will "fall" as Adam and Eve did; as the cliché goes, "what goes up, must come down." I believe in this theme that life in general can bring amazing circumstances, but nothing can stay "gold" forever. From my past experiences, Robert Frost's poem seems to explain a rule of life that shows true everywhere: things are only seemingly perfect at first, but then truth sets in.In my past school years, I never had to study for any tests or quizzes, I knew or memorized the facts I had to know to ace the test. I took advantage of this, and focused on my school work. Never studying or practicing, even for band, I was able to get high ...view middle of the document...

I finally realized, I had to study and work hard for my grades. Students all around me were acceding at a better rate than I was and I felt left in the dust. Robert Frost, in his poem, mentions how nature at first is beautiful and "gold." In addition, Frost states how staying "gold" is one of the hardest things to do. This is how I felt when I knew keeping my relaxed study habits would be one of the hardest things to do in high school.High school is probably the most influential force in a teenager's life, if not just mine. It changes your senses and mind set. A person's whole environment changes from the summer before freshman year, to the first day of high school. To some, everything seems like its going excellent, and nothing can stop them, almost unstoppable, but then they realize, they aren't the only ones who have similar skills. Special talents don't seem as great as they did in middle school. For others its completely in reverse, but for me, my high school experience was like that in Robert Frost's poem.Frost's "gold" represents the goodness of anything, the great feeling inside when you have your first crush, the overwhelming feeling of acing a test, the eye-popping look at a thanksgiving feast, and other feelings of good inside of a person. The poem describes how nature's beauty is what is seen at first, its "goldenness." Robert Frost seems to describe the coming of good, or perhaps even spring,;the birth of green and other natural lives such as the flower. Later in the poem, Frost writes about grief, and dawn, pursuing the fact that everything must come to an end and sometimes causing sorrow. I believe in this theme, that nothing "gold" can stay, because of my high school experience showing that, a student's life can change from being the best, to seeming, not so perfect.

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