Three Sisters Paper Summary And Connections In The Book Theatre Alive Essay

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Matthew Standley
Professor Caywood
Theatre Alive
February 26, 2018
Andrei Sergeyevich Prozorov
In Three Sisters by Chekhov we learn of three Russian sisters Olga, Masha, Irina and their brother Andrei who have been living in a small town for 11 years after their father was assigned to a new brigade. With their father dead now they all wish to move back to Moscow but seem to be stuck in this town not pursuing their dreams. Andrei is the only boy in the family who is a scholar with dreams of becoming a professor but fails to pursue his dream and becomes depressed and sparks a gambling addiction after getting married to Natasha.
We know a few different things about Andrei's physical appearance. In the beginning of the play his oldest sister Olga says that "Andrei would be handsome, only he’s really gained weight lately and it doesn’t suit him" (228). From this we can reason that Andrei was a decently looking man but recently he has gained weight and it has taken away his attractiveness. We also see Andrei himself say that after his father died he has put on so much weight and he feels bloated with all his education. This shows Andrei admits to being overweight and it happened after his father died. We can also reason that Andrei has had a tough time dealing with his father's death causing him to gain weight and not take care of himself. Andrei talks about being bloated with education because of his studies and desire to be a professor.
At the beginning of the play Andrei has a lot of motivation for his educational studies. Irina says that he will probably become a professor. We also know he likes to play the violin. I believe the authors choice for him to play the violin is a symbol of his intelligence and love for education. In history we see intelligent people such as Einstein who loves to play the violin while studying. Andrei also likes to be alone in his room reading and focusing on his studies. The first scene we see when Andrei meets Vershinin and immediately goes back to his room and tells his sisters to leave him alone because he stayed up until 4 reading. This shows his love for reading and education. He also brings up that he knows three languages French, German and English. Andrei starts to lose his drive to become a professor after he falls in love with a girl named Natasha who his three sisters don't like and think is ruining his life.
We learn that Andrei is in love with Natasha when his sisters keep teasing him that he is in love. At the dinner table when Natasha leaves because they are teasing them about being in love Andrei proposes to her. They get married and have a kid named Bobwick. This seems to be a big turning points in Andrei's character as his actions begin to change for the worse and he seems to have gotten depressed with his life. He rants to Ferapont who can't hear him about all his problems. Andrei rants to him because he does not want to share his issues with his wife or sisters because he...


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