Time Management: How Important Time Management Is To Our Lives Creative Thinking Assignment

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The Importance of Time Management George Osoro
The Importance of Time Management
Time has an infinite measure that only goes forward and never back. It is an important element in our lives and the world is based on a time system. Even the ancient people knew the importance of time just as we do. All living things die as time passes on. And this makes time very precious to all living things, most importantly humans. Many can agree with me when I say our time on earth is limited. Time is priceless even the wealthiest man on the planet can’t buy it. All we can do is manage our time appropriately so that we have extra hours that are already assigned to us on earth. There are a lot of ways one can use to time management in order to stop wasting this given time. An example would be changing your sleep time setting alarm to wake up early, prioritize things accordingly and many others.
With only 24 hours in a day, to which a third of it is allocated to sleep and recovery, this amount isn’t enough to tackle all the task in our lives. Inadequate time is one of the reasons why time management is so important. From work to home, there are abundant of things that we w...


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875 words - 4 pages work. They take on time management as a way of catching up. They try to cram all of their work into a period of time that is too short. The people who are trying to follow crammed schedules often fall way behind their intended pace and desert the plan altogether, which results in more time trouble.To be successful in time management you first have to set some goals. It might help to divide your goals into time frames (important goals, mid-term

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631 words - 3 pages Free answer. Time to us is nothing but an idea of measurement. There is no such thing as past, present or future as they all are present together. These three aspects give us an illusion of the passage and time as well as something to organize our lives around. Time is a very complex idea to get our head around, but hopefully one day we will be able to know precisely what time is and how it affects our lives.