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It is time for the topic of child sex abuse to be brought into the world of everyday reality. People need to take their heads out of the sand and not rely on the inaccurate information they have been fed in the media.From a reading of headlines in Ireland in the past few years, a visitor from outer space might be excused for assuming that all the child sexual abuse in this country had been perpetrated by Catholic clergymen - and by no one else. In fact, out of the current aggregate of 9,017 priests and brothers in Ireland (North and South), 27 priests and 11 brothers have been convicted of child sexual abuse since the 1980s, this representing a ratio of four per 1,000. Of the 38 total, 33 have received custodial sentences.The evidence from elsewhere - and there is no reason to suppose that it is any different here - is that 50 per cent of child sex abuse incidents are perpetrated by a family member.For me, the most shocking statistic to emerge from a conference on child sexual abuse in Athlone earlier this year was that one third of all child sex abusers are male adolescents under the age of 18. This fact alone puts an enormous onus on parents to be very careful whom they leave in charge of young children, whether they be older siblings, nephews, cousins or neighbours. It is an increasingly sad fact of life that nothing can be taken for granted anymore.So what is the true picture of the scale of child sex abuse in Ireland and elsewhere? A few facts may put the subject into some perspective, based on information imparted at that conference entitled Child Sexual Abuse: the Irish Experience So Far and the Way Forward, the published proceedings of a conference on the treatment of sex offenders organised by the Irish Penal Reform Trust in November 1998, as well as evidence from other sources. These reports indicate that Sex offending and sexual abuse are grossly under-reported - many victim surveys both here and abroad confirm this. A figure of around 10 per cent reportage seems to be accepted by professionals in the field.A small percentage of reported sexual offences result in the prosecution, conviction and imprisonment of the perpetrator. For example in 1994, out of 619 sexual offences reported to the Garda, 79 offenders were jailed.In 1997, more than 1,000 sexual offences were reported to the Garda, an increase of almost 200 on the previous year.If, as the evidence indicates, only one in 10 of child sex abuse incidents is reported, then it behoves those in charge of children (parents, teachers, youth leaders, sports officials, clergy), to be vigilant at all times,...


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1433 words - 6 pages are no set laws in place, then it cannot be child abuse within that era. The people of that time live with different standards. It is a wife’s duty to bear the husband’s child, mostly a king’s child to pass down the family name and legacy. The argument that Tommen is too young to give consent to a sexual relationship may be true, however, Lori J. Underwood explains in the chapter Sex, Consent, and Rape in Westeros that “the recognition that each

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4113 words - 17 pages POSSIBILITIES FOR SPACESHIPONE DESIGNSpaceShipOne was the very first time that a privately held commercial company had successfully put together a manned spacecraft program. The question remained whether or not it could successfully launch privatized space travel to the public. In order to have a chance of success, funding was needed. On July 27, 2005, Sir Richard Branson and Burt Rutan announced the formation of a new joint venture aerospace production

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929 words - 4 pages Kevin Rivera INTD 110 Alcohol Abuse Alcohol abuse is a big issue in the college world and in the real world. Alcohol consumption happens in the age of 18-24 and in the real world it happens in the age of 12-54. Binge drinking happens a lot more in college life because its considered part of a culture, to which it has increased over the years. It all starts in the first 6 weeks of classes, because many students try to fit on or make friends and

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545 words - 3 pages A Wrinkle In Time By; Madeleine L’Engle Pages 228 A Wrinkle In Time is the story of a high school girl named Meg Murray and her quest with her little brother Charles Wallace and her friend Calvin, to find her dad, an accomplished scientist who traveled through space and time and is being held captive by an evil force. At the beginning, Meg seems to be a timid, loving and caring young lady who is troubled by self-doubt due to the disappearance of

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1044 words - 5 pages Free "Capital budgeting ~ the process of analysing potential fixed asset investments. Capital budget decisions ~ probably the most important ones financial managers must take." (1)"Financial and budgetary accounting are branches of the same discipline, but they have fundamentally different purposes. Financial accounting looks backward in time: it summarizes economic performance for a past period. Budgetary accounting, by contrast, looks forward: it

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881 words - 4 pages to better suit production, which do not necessarily reflect the real life scenario.A Beautiful Mind is set in the time period between 1947-94. The context in which is film is set is of much relevance. In 1959 psychiatrist Kurt Schneider, came out with his First Rank Symptoms, a group of symptoms he proposed would diagnose schizophrenia. This is relevant because it is right during the time in which the film is set. His symptoms included auditory

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1803 words - 8 pages continue their sinful ways. The organizational structure of the Catholic Church ha enabled the clergy the opportunity to sexual abuse adolescence. This law also makes it difficult for priests to challenge authority and any decisions made. Celibacy is another law the Roman Catholic Church put into practice and is not grounded in scripture, also known as the Gregorian Reforms. The Catholic Church believes if one practice celibacy it will take away

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1031 words - 5 pages Free by other people about PE programs in school that it is a waste of time and rescues, but essentially, all the programs and interventions of PE are for the good of students. Moreover, PE gives students good health, and this enables them to enjoy healthy lives in the future because their body mass is consistent with the required weight advocated by health practitioners. The debate about whether to have physical activity programs in schools is a

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5380 words - 22 pages ). The focus of this approach is to establish a support network which is accessible by both parents and young people in order to receive appropriate assistance when needed. It additionally places the child and the family at the centre with wellbeing being fundamental in allowing the child to have the best start in life. One way in which the GIRFEC approach is put into practice is through its integration into the education system. It has been

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1844 words - 8 pages of child abuse comes up. Knowing the answers and where to turn for help can alleviate many obstacles in the process.In this day and age when sexual predators seem to be in every neighborhood, parents need to be extra careful watching their children. Law enforcement does the best to protect society from these individuals with the tools they have at their disposal. When a convicted sexual predator moves into a neighborhood, parents with children

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1520 words - 7 pages 1 EMBALMING: THE NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF FORMALDEHYDE 2 SEXUAL ASSAULT 2 Running head: SEXUAL ASSAULT Sexual Assault Redefined as a Hate Crime Shayla Dai NorQuest College ENGL 2550 Taylor Scanlon Assignment 2C: Critical Analysis March 26 2018 Sexual Assault Redefined as a Hate crime Sexual Assault is a serious social and public issues that is common in the society for a long time. Women are usually the victims to such hateful crimes that is

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1526 words - 7 pages Free sexual acts. Jason Berry, the author of ‘Lead Us Not Into Temptation: Catholic Priests and the Sexual Abuse of Children’ states that celibacy acts as an invisible cloak around purity, allowing deviant priests to hide their sexual dysfunction. It is harder to detect sexual misconduct among those who portray to live celibate lifestyles- for this reason priesthood draws in paedophilia. Other arguments include the unnatural aspect to abstinence: Martin

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1161 words - 5 pages million women are abused by someone they know. (Jane, O. Time Magazine, pg. 5). On Dr. Phil's talk show, he said that "most of the time domestic violence starts within a household, and young girls who are victims of abuse in their own home tend to have a pattern of being in abusive relationships as they get older. As well as young boys who witnessed their mother being abused, may become an abuser as they get older." In most cases, women will stay

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1112 words - 5 pages , and the insufficient laws currently in place. Most children diagnosed with a developmental disability notice the difference between themselves and their peers by the time they finish grade school, resulting in a lower self esteem than the average child. Often times they will justify the actions of their abuser by believing that they are at fault and deserve the abuse. On top of self esteem, children with developmental disabilities lack sufficient

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1034 words - 5 pages Chapter 6 Sexual Victimization  What is sexual victimization?  -Encompasses victimizations of people that involve sexual behavior  -Wide range of behaviors from videotaping to forced penetration  -Physical injury and psychological trauma are included in effects of victimization  Rape  Original definition = “carnal knowledge”  -Forced and non-consensual vaginal penetration of a woman who was not married to the  perpetrator  Current definitions