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Timothy Findley is best known as the author of Wars a Canadian war novel. He was born on October 30, 1930, in Toronto, Ontario. ( 95). He is well accomplished Canadian author and has won many awards, such as the Governor General Award. Findley is a remarkable storyteller and a man who wrote a variety of novels that tackle important issues. Findley wonderful imagination will be extremely missed and its great pleasure to discuss his legacy and contribution to society.
Timothy Findley poor health in his early age led him to be a great performer and an extraordinary writer. Timothy drops out of school after the ninth grade due to illness. He wanted to perfect his art of dancing but unfortunately could not due to back pain, instead, he continued his career as an actor at age of 17. He began his acting career in Toronto with two theatre companies the Eagle Grey Shakespeare Festival and The International Players. Before he became established as a writer he was getting paid $20.00 a week as an actor. Findley “auditioned for the CBC in 1952’’ (Roberts 91). He got very funny roles and Findley was astounded at how he got those roles when he thought ‘‘I have no sense of humor to speak of.’’ (Roberts 91). The CBC producers admired Findley cleverness and dedication to his craft. This made him popular in landing roles such as ‘‘Peter Punkin in Stephen Leacock’s Sunshine Sketches, The first Canadian-produced television series.’’ (Roberts 91) Alec Guinness was very amazed by Findley acting that he even got him into London’s Central School of Speech and drama. That commences Findley career in England, as “in 1955 he was cast as Osric in Paul Scofield’s production Hamlet at London Phoenix.” (Roberts 91). This British production was the first to ever tour the Soviet Union. After many years of being exposed in the theatre environment, Findley starts to write his own stories. This made him a better writer as he says “he learned from actors and directors how to portray a character, how to 'feel' a person other than oneself. Actors must discover their characters' motivations, why they say every word they say. Writers must do the same.’’(Robert 91). Almost close to the end of the 1960's, Findley dedicated his career in writing and left acting. (94)
Timothy Findley into his adulthood discovered that is other passion is writing. He wanted more freedom on being expressive and that was something he couldn’t do on the stage. Even though Findley loved acting he felt unfulfilled as an actor when he got only small roles “'I got stuck . . . playing a very small part. It makes you very unhappy. You keep thinking ... that you're worth more, you can do more.’’ (Robert 91). His first work was called ‘‘About Effie’’, a piece about his maid whom he knew as a kid. Ruth Gordon an American film actress was the one who persuaded him to get his work read by Thornton Wilder a playwright. The story became published in the Tamarack Revi...


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