To Be A Good ‘Global Citizen’ Is To Recognise And Address Global Inequality. (Citizenship) La Trobe Essay

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To be a good ‘global citizen’ is to recognise and address global inequality. (citizenship)
Global citizen is the school of thought that every person, irrespective of their residence, is part and parcel of the international community. Put differently, it is the realization that we are all related to each other within this rising international community. A good global citizen is one that realizes that they can play a positive role in improving different causes in their communities and globally. They are often passionate about global inequality, taking on issues such as environmental protection, human rights and poverty. Global citizens are active in efforts to enrich worldwide communities and this is often accomplished by joining committees, advocating forums and organizing events to address global concerns,
this essay will explain what it means to be a good global citizen it will also dicuess the major impact that the new Bill of strengthening the citizenship test will have on on non English speaking migrants and lastly, the global inequities of asylum seekers
Being a global citizen means demands a comprehension of the earth in consideration to various things. To begin with, a global citizen understands the civic responsibilities. In this sense, it is necessary for a global citizen to take actions that assist others to be successful, for example, giving food to the homeless people. Therefore, a global citizen takes care of the communities with the aim better them. global citizens familiarize themselves with culture. Familiarizing with culture involves learning about other people, history, food, governments, and languages among others to be able to understand them more and live with them peacefully. Third, global citizens learn and understand the environment. Taking care of the environment is an initiative of everyone and more specifically, a global citizen. A global citizen takes care of the environment through various ways. (isreal 2013)
Citizenship is the status held by a person that entitles the person to rights and protection from a state and imposes upon the person certain duties to the state, including allegiance to it. Complicating and changing Australian citizenship test could have a major impact on refugees. A new bill was put forward to the parliament arguing that people should demonstrate a compounded and higher level of English when applying for citizenship test. It is where all citizenship Canadians must reach the equivalent level of English language testing system. The test will consist of thirty questions which must be answered out of forty questions in the reading materials, thirty-two out of forty in the listening paper and lastly The writing material will require the applicants to use English “accurately and appropriately” in order for them to get a passing grade for the test (Costar,Mares 2006). An article titled “a test will divide not unite us” by Brian Costar and Peter Mares argues that the changes could propose a big impact...

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