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To His Coy Mistress Essay

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Summary:The poem is spoken by a male lover to his female beloved as an attempt to convince her to sleep with him. The speaker argues that the Lady's shyness and hesitancy would be acceptable if the two had "world enough, and time." But because they are finite [`fa?na?t] skoñczony human beings, he thinks they should take advantage of their sensual embodiment while it lasts.He tells the lady that her beauty, as well as her "long-preserved virginity," will only become food for worms unless she gives herself to him while she lives. Rather than preserve any lofty [`loft?] podnios³y, ideals of chastity and virtue, the speaker affirms, the lovers ought to "roll all our strength, and all ...view middle of the document...

The speaker then uses the metaphor of a "vegetable love" to suggest a slow and steady growth that might increase to vast proportions, perhaps encoding [?n'k??d] zaszyfrowywaæ a phallic [`fæl?k] anat. dotycz¹cy pr¹cia suggestion. This would allow him to praise his lady's features - eyes, forehead, breasts, and heart - in increments ['?nkr?m?nt] przysporzenie of hundreds and even thousands of years, which he says that the lady clearly deserves due to her superior [stature[stæt??(r)] postura. He assures the Lady that he would never value her at a "lower rate" than she deserves, at least in an ideal world where time is unlimited.Marvell praises the lady's beauty by complimenting her individual features using a device called an erotic blazon, which also evokes [?'v??k] vt wywo³ywaæ the influential techniques of 15th and 16th century Petrarchan love poetry. Petrarchan poetry is based upon rarefying and distancing the female beloved, making her into an unattainable [?n?`te?n?bl] nieosi¹galny object. In this poem, though, the speaker only uses these devices to suggest that distancing himself from his lover is mindless, because they do not have the limitless time necessary for the speaker to praise the Lady sufficiently. He therefore constructs an erotic blazon only to assert its futility...

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