To The Japanese Ambassador In Relation To Recent Anti Japanese Riots In Beijing

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First Secretary,Please forgive my writing this in English. I am the Head of the Humanities Department here at the Sino-Japanese Friendship Centre and I am writing to register my deep concern over the disturbances I saw last night. I consider such violence an indictment upon this government that incites hatred against an ethnic minority to mask its own domestic problems and isdeological emptiness, and then stands back as the flames are fed; all the while accepting the invaluable aid your country has provided as is evidenced by the very compound my students work in.In my class I deal with the Manchurian invasion and the issue of Japanese textbooks ignoring, excusing, or even justifying atrocities commit ...view middle of the document...

I also use my history classes to explain the concern among Chinese about Japan seeking admission into the UN security council. Many of my students are Chinese and Korean where they have been brought up to have an anti-Japanese perspective (much as many of my countrymen were raised to have an anti-German prejudice) and consider it just that the Chinese show the world their opposition to any such move. I explain the fact that China, as a current permanent member, can simply veto any such move and Japan will not be included, without the need for businesses and people to be targetted. Rather than making this clear and owning up to its responsibilities, this government simply blocks sites such as your own to keep its people ignorant.I assure you that in my classes at least, my students use history to judge such actions as those perpetrated last night in their true context rather than allow it to simply perpetuate hatred and social control. They will see in it what all other members of the civilised world will recognise: A fascist government inciting its people to target a defenceless minority. I shall ensure that my students will see in that shades of another such government from the last century.Most Respectfully,Keir


Comparison Of Concentration Camps To Japanese Internment

839 words - 4 pages in them, and all of their belongings gone. But while the Japanese were in the camps, they were given enough food to live on, and lived in a quasi-communist environment, which is ironic considering the "anti-red" hatred and fear that was sweeping across the US. In the case of Manzanar, which is in the Sierra Nevada's, the interned were given one bunk in a large tar-paper barrack for each family, equal but small rations of food each week, and the

Was The Fear Of The Japanese Aggression In South-East Asia In World War 2 Justified?

1910 words - 8 pages Japanese aggression in South-East Asia sparked the Australian government's change in reliance upon Britain to the USA. Was this fear of the Japanese justified and what changes were brought about during the war years?Japan's grip on South-East Asia was getting stronger throughout 1941. Japanese troops were in Malaya and the Philippines and were getting closer and closer to Australia. The British were unable to provide support to Australia because

The influence of japanese technology in american culture - English 100 - Reasearch Paper

862 words - 4 pages allowed medical advancements, informative resources at the palm of our hands, and new methods of self servicing everyday tasks. There is no surprise that as a society, technology has become such a critical part of our everyday lives. Though it has been applied to almost every aspect of our lives, it is not until recent future that the medical field has been largely affected by the rapid growth of technological innovation. Advances in medical

Wh-constructions in Japanese and French - Linguistics - Research paper

1152 words - 5 pages Wh-constructions in Japanese Japanese is one of the languages that exemplifies wh in-situ: (1) Hanako-ga kinoo [dare-to] [susi-o] tukurimasita ka? Hanako-NOM yesterday who- with sushi-ACC made QU ‘Who did Hanako make sushi with_yesterday?’ (2) Hanako-ga kinoo [tomodati-to] [nani-o] tukurimasita ka? Hanako-NOM yesterday friend-with what-ACC made QU ‘What did Hanako make_with her friends yesterday?’ (Tallerman 2011: 248) The wh-words dare-to ‘who

Tanabata: The Japanese Star Festival

506 words - 3 pages of the best-known celebrations take place at the Kitano Tenmangu Shrine in Kyoto, the Konpira Shrine in Kagawa Prefecture, and in the cities of Hiratsuka in Kanagawa Prefecture and Takaoka in Toyama Prefecture. Also well known is the Sendai Tanabata festival in Miyagi Prefecture, which takes place a month later on August 7, since this is closer to the seventh day of the seventh month on the traditional lunar calendar.Each culture in the world has many traditions and celebrations of great interest based on the lunar calendar and legends. Tanabata is the most celebrated summer festival and shows an amazing part of the Japanese culture.

Exploring Body Identity In Relation To The Development Of Technology And Socialization - Uni - essay

3521 words - 15 pages Makeup Exploration - Level 5 Title: Exploring Body Identity And How It Has Changed In Relation To The Development Of Technology And Socialization Traditional methods relating to body identity, such as tattoos (scarification), and piercings, are often related to religious aspects. Whereas current trends, such as surgical procedures, are mainly applied for aesthetic reasons due to confidence issues or however could be to improve human capabilities

Japanese Government up to 1160 CE - Traditional East Asian History - Essay

915 words - 4 pages shifts in power structures, shifting the role of Emperor to a largely ceremonial position. Following the period of violence precipitated by the overthrow of the Soga clan, Temmu’s wide-reaching reforms of the Japanese state firmly positioned itself as a central authority modeled after Chinese rule (Huffman, 19). These reforms included a new conscription-based national military, ranking of clans based on their relation to the Chrysanthemum Throne, a

"Lord Of The Flies": Compare Any Two Characters And Their Relation To The Theme Of Power In The Novel

1236 words - 5 pages is the anarchy. To begin with, Ralph who is the idealistic chief of society has the objective of establishing law and order on the island. In the second assembly he announced to the boys," whoever is holding the conch gets to talk." Needless to say he wanted to organize the party of boys with perspectives as the civilized world so that things can get done. Next, Ralph builds huts on the beach as shelters for the boys. Mainly because Ralph is

The Thematic Concepts Of Lord Of The Flies Continue To Play A Large Role In Today's Society (Lord Of The Flies In Relation To The Media)

1564 words - 7 pages . Experience relates to Simon symbolizing innocence, Jack and Ralph symbolizing experience and Ralph realization of the end of innocence on the island. I chose these topics because I thought they were the most important themes in the book. These themes cause the most conflict and plot advancement.Democracy vs. DictatorshipIn Lord of the Flies, there is a conflict between democracy and dictatorship, aka Ralph vs. Jack. Ralph usually symbolizes order

Effectiveness of Legal and on-Legal Responses in Relation to the Use of Child Soldiers - Sydney Boys High School - Essay

1258 words - 6 pages Effectiveness of Legal and on-Legal Responses in Relation to the Use of Child Soldier, in relation to the Sudan People's Liberation Army For centuries, children have been kidnapped and forced to join military forces with the promise of a better standard of life. Often being between the ages of 12 and 18, these children are too young to fully comprehend the fallacies they are being fed. In the process of becoming a soldier, many of their rights

Manifest Destiny In Relation to Shane, Stagecoach, and The Searchers - Columbia College Hollywood - GH380 MP History: Westerns - Research Paper

1164 words - 5 pages Wyatt Daane 2/14/19 Mid-term GH380 Manifest Destiny In Relation to Shane, Stagecoach, and The Searchers The Manifest Destiny is the idea that western expansion has been sanctioned by God and it is the duty of the people to imperialize the land from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific. The American frontier is a direct result of westward expansion and the manifest destiny. It is a combination of geography, expansionist ideals, folklore, and

Social isolation destroys innocence, Discuss in relation to Ender’s Game and Lord of the Flies? - A Level/English Literature - Essay

2574 words - 11 pages “it would feel like to have hands as large as a grown-up's. They must feel so big and awkward, thick stubby fingers and beefy palms.” and when Ralph blows the conch, children approach because they have an ingrained sense of order and obedience. But is innocence ever present in children? Both of these books portray isolated children as being every bit as ambitious, conniving, controlling, fearful, ignorant, angry, hungry, and loving as adults1

What Are The Main Moral Quandaries In Relation To Moral Relativism? Especially Given Increasing Globalisation, Is Moral Relativism A Suitable Solution To Moral Conflicts Between Cultures?

2101 words - 9 pages all morals are right or wrong only in relation to some particular viewpoint or perspective. So in short, moral relativism asserts that claim that there is no such thing as 'universal truth'. However, there is already a flaw in moral relativism, it seems to be inconsistent when it states that there are no universal truth, stating the judgment as if it were a universal truth. Thus, a statement 'that there are no universal truths' is actually self

Title-Cassio's Tragedy And Shakespeare's Use Of Minor Characters Assignment-Analyze A Play (Othello) In Terms Of A Minor Character's Relation To The Plot

964 words - 4 pages Free , he is such a good man that Bianca falls in love with him. He cannot hold his drink, but he isn't a drunk. He knows his limits and usually stays well within his boundaries. None of these aspects of his personality are grievous enough to be considered true tragic flaws, and it isn't because of these weaknesses that his tragedy occurs. It occurs simply because Iago has decided to make him the instrument with which to bring down Othello that he

What Are Some Of The Disadvantages Of Using Focus Groups? Discuss Two Recent Trends In Focus Group Research And Explain Why You Think These Have Evolved. Use References To Support Your Opinions

1685 words - 7 pages A focus group is a form of qualitative research in which a group of people is asked about their attitude towards a product, concept, advertisement, idea, or packaging (Blankenship et al. 1998). Focus groups usually consist of 8 to 10 members and are headed by a moderator to keep track of things and make sure that every member of the group participates in the discussion. In the world of marketing and marketing research, focus groups are one of