To What Extent Is Evidence-based Care Necessary For Providing Effective Care?’ - Undergraduate - Essay

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Tma05 K101 2
‘To what extent is evidence-based care necessary for providing effective care?’
Part A –Essay plan
1. Question: ‘To what extent is evidence-based care necessary for providing effective care?’
2. Introduction; Evidence- care includes three parts to be effective:
· research-based evidence,
· clinical expertise
· patient’s ideals and preferences.
· Evidence-based care can be described as the process of using research and evidence-based practices to make decisions and influence decisions about peoples care as individuals and service users to make sure that they get the most appropriate care that is needed by the health professionals involved with their care.
3. How I’m going to answer the question:
· look the advantages and disadvantages of evidence-based care.
· try to explain its place in our current healthcare system.
· How research in used order to inform practice, ensure safety and monitor its effectiveness including other practices that may be used or a combination of practices to help in making evidence-based care effective or ineffective.
4. Main body:
· Working practice 90’s
· Minimise errors in treatment
· Allow research knowledge
· Provides effective care
· Aim-improve patient outcomes
· Combination of research evidence
· Clinical experience
· Service users’ needs
· Social and financial support
· Traditional practices outdated
· Conflicting views between professionals
5. Disadvantages
· Harm- safeguarding – wasted resources
: Antibiotics
: Back problems
· Divided into weaker and stronger categories
· Evidence based care described as narrow
· Consider knowledge – based care
· Research evidence – worker stay up to date with research
6. Advantages
· Reduces time wasted
· appropriate care options
· Good quality reliability
· Based on research evidence rather than traditional practice
· Helps workers stay current
· Not rely on what’s learned
· Care workers draw on expert summaries
· Research evidence provides service users with options
7. Conclusion:
· Some problems with evidence-based care using guidelines and protocols
· Flexibility
· Evidence from research - influence decisions and the effectiveness, treatment, interventions and the effects on lifestyle and advice given to individuals
· Current decision making - combination of science and research and knowledge
· evidence-based care - highlighting that research evidence works.
· Rather better than the traditional practices of knowledge-based care.
· evidence-based care still needs refinement for it to work across the board for all involved.
· Care practice - informed by research evidence works in health care and appears to be the most effective option.
1. References:
· The Open University (2018) K101 Block 4 Learning Guide 15: ‘Getting care right’, Milton Keynes, The Open University
Part B
‘To what extent is evidence-based care necessary for providing effective care?’
Evidence- care includes three parts to be effective, research-based eviden...

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