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Write a Eulogy
A Eulogy is a speech given at a funeral. Usually, it captures the best things about a person. However, sometimes it does make mention of their mistakes and negative characteristics. The purpose of a eulogy is to capture the person’s life through words, as best as possible, and to bring peace and comfort.
For this task, you will assume the role of Friar Lawrence and write a eulogy for one of the following characters: Tybalt, Mercutio, Romeo, or Juliet.
· The Eulogy MUST be at least two full pages. (Points will be deducted if too short.)
· There MUST be specific references to the text. These do not have to be direct quotes, but you must mention events, conversations, statements, etc. that take place in the text that are relevant to your eulogy.
· The final copy MUST be written in BLUE or BLACK ink ONLY.
· You must speak primarily about your character, and you must speak of them in the past tense. (For example: Romeo was instead of Romeo is.)
· Grammar, spelling, punctuation errors should be few to none. (1 point will be deducted for every error.)
Guiding Questions to assist you with your eulogy are as follows:
· What kind of person was your character?
· What are some adjectives you can use to describe your character?
· How did your character treat people?
· How did your character respond to challenging, difficult, or disappointing situations?
These questions are not for you to list them and answer them. They are to help guide your original thinking.
Write a Rap Song/Spoken Word Piece
This assignment is designed to serve the musical intelligences. If you would rather write and produce a song or poem, instead of an extended essay, this is the assignment choice for you.
For this task, you will develop a dark, sad or depressing song/poem that focuses on the negative elements of the play. You will do more than summarize the play. Instead, you will focus on BLAME and RESPONSIBILITY.
As you develop your piece, consider what happened to each major character, and discuss how they were responsible for their own deaths. This will include characterization, in that you will discuss how their actions, behaviors, attitudes, interactions with others, etc., helped to get them where are.
Your song/poem should serve as a sad tale of love and loss. It should also serve to warn your listeners of falling in love too quickly, always seeking danger or evil, making sneaky choices, etc.
· Your song/poem must have a rhyme scheme. It does not have to be ABABCDCD, but it must follow a pattern.
· The song/poem must be performed for the teacher. Choosing not to perform the piece will result in point deduction.
· A neatly written manuscript, written in BLUE or BLACK ink ONLY, must be turned in after the performance.
· Most importantly, be creative, have fun, and do your best work!
Create a Movie Poster
This assignment is designed to serve the artistic intelligences. If you would rather demonstrate your understanding with pictures ...

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