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Family Traditions
Family Traditions is what all families have. We all practice them and celebrate them with our families. I have family traditions with my family too. In fact we have and practice three family traditions every year. One family tradition we do is we all go to a like in Illinois called Carlyle Lake. We have a huge barbeque there every year as part of our family tradition. Our second tradition is we all carve bible scriptures in pumpkins for Halloween. The last one is we all say prayers every thanksgiving dinner before we all eat.
We all have family traditions that we celebrate. Yes I as well have them too. For instance every summer my family and I go to a lake in Illinois called Carlyle Lake. We have a huge barbeque there. To prove this I will ask my mom right now in a quick interview. Me: “Mom what do we do every summer?” Mom: “Every summer we go to Carlyle Lake in Illinois for a huge barbeque!” Me: “Thanks mother that’s all I wanted to ask.” (Mom). Now to explain this I asked my mom because she was my evidence and proof that we go there every summer because she drives me there with her. More evidence that proves I go up there is we have photos that my dad took....


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947 words - 4 pages PJ Markwalter Davis Oldham English 101 11/15/2018 The use of Fossil Fuels Belongs in the Past Fossil fuels are natural fuels that are formed when remains of dead organisms pass through episodes of natural processes such as decomposition and disintegration that take millions of years. They include coal, oil, and natural gas and they are categorized as fuels due to their ability to release energy when they undergo combustion. Fossil fuels are

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2187 words - 9 pages resolving the potentially dangerous conflict. The murder of the mad dog can be said to be justified as Jasmine would have probably been bitten to death by it as "the mad dog had picked [her] as its enemy". Hence, the killing of the dog was a form of self defense as she "wasn't ready to die". She had the desire to carry on with life and it is this desire that gives her the strength to kill the dog. It is hence ironic that Jasmine wanted to carry

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2756 words - 12 pages childhood memory of attending a Caucasian-dominated school in America as an immigrant child, and reflects on his entry into the American mainstream society through renouncing his original cultural identity. Although an initial lack of proficiency in English brought to the family a struggle in developing a sense of belonging in the new community, attending an American-dominated school and receiving an English education, as well as continued pressures

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1990 words - 8 pages ruin it (Vega & Sanghvi, 2012). The strength of the egg-white protein matrix can also be enhanced by the convention of beating the egg whites in a copper bowl (McGee, 2004). As the egg whites are beaten, tiny flecks of copper break off the bowl and are whisked into the egg mixture (Lawandi, 2018). Conalbumin, a protein found in the egg whites, takes up the copper that has broken apart from the bowl (McGee, 2004). The copper binds sulphur on the

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538 words - 3 pages continuum) - 0=non-polar covalent(diatomic) - <0.4=slightly polar covalent - 0.4-1.7=polar covalent - >1.7=ionic - Exceptions: NaI & KI - Bigger the difference, greater the attraction (Cs & F) Ionic compounds: Positive ions and negative ions (non-directional) - Held together by opposite charge attract - Cations are oxidized, anions are reduced (with more electrons, charge is reduced) o Share stable noble gas arrangements (don’t react) Removal of

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1033 words - 5 pages science that influence him to study a seemingly odd combination of life passions, and still be at peace within himself. Pi’s vast knowledge of science and belief in reason helps him survive on the lifeboat. After his journey, he tells the Japanese reporters that “[he] applied reason at every moment. Reason is excellent for getting food, clothing and shelter. Reason is the very best tool kit. Nothing beats reason for keeping tigers away” (330-331

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2001 words - 9 pages Free place of evil and suffering. In Christianity, on the Day of Judgement, a person is sent to heaven or hell for eternity, depending on if they believe in Christ. The meaning of life in Christianity is to find salvation from sin to go to heaven. In Judaism, a person is sent to heaven if he is righteous while someone is sent to hell if they are wicked.12 In Islam, if someone is told to walk across a bridge and if their sins weigh them down too much they

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1259 words - 6 pages . Final Prayer Most Holy Virgin of Altagracia, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for the continuous blessings you pour down on us. From your hands and from your maternal heart we receive, each day, the sustenance given to us by our Heavenly Father. You are our defender when we are in danger, our aid when we are in need and our hope in the sacrifices proper of our Christian life. Through your Immaculate Heart we want to sing a song of

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2767 words - 12 pages the reparations which Carthage was obliged to pay, and declared the Roman sphere of interest in Spain to extend from the North down to the river Ebro. In Carthage, a peace treaty was in power, commercially minded, ready to play the quisling. Hamilcar Barca, on the other hand, had popular support and the command of the armed forces. With these he proceeded to develop the Carthaginian hold on Spain, os- tensibly to enable Carthage to pay repatriation

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925 words - 4 pages The steroid era in Major League Baseball was one of the biggest “black eyes” for the sport to date because it caused numerous problems for the game and everyone surrounding the game. The steroid era opened a whole new world to the players in the league and it had a terrible effect on the game itself. The results of the “steroid era” were not good ones in the slightest and there is no getting around that. Steroids or Performance enhancing drugs

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452 words - 2 pages continue onward on his quest or marry the girl and set aside his work and dedication to being a samurai forever. In the end, he decides that his love for this girl is more important to him than his work, and takes her hand in marriage. This scene heavily illustrates the theme because the love that Tomotada is experiencing and the value that Green Willow has to him is more important than his life as a proud samurai. Because of this true love, he

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509 words - 3 pages child, Oscar was popular with the ladies. When he enters his  teens, he turns into an unattractive nerd. Oscar dreams of love, but will never  obtain it due to the curse. Oscar attempts to sway the heart of Ana Obregon. He  does everything in his power to win her over. What happens to poor Oscar? She  leads him on only to disappoint him. Later on in life, he falls for another woman  who ends in a harsh rejection. This leads to Oscar’s suicide

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1344 words - 6 pages ENGLISH SPEECH – VEGANISM INTRODUCTION: The worlds forgotten victims – animals, and the worlds strongest obsession – meat. No religion mandates meat eating, isn’t the golden rule “do unto others as you would do unto yourself?” and “thou shall not kill,” the four most important yet the four most ignored words of all religious teachings. There is no asterisk with next to it saying unless you walk on all fours, have paws, beaks, feathers or gills