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1I.INTRODUCTIONOver the last decade, the goal of organizations has been to provide a high level of quality of products and service at the lowest cost in order to reach customers' satisfaction and to be the most competitive.Quality has become crucial in the success or failure of organizations.The increased emphasis on quality has lead many of them to adopt a Total Quality Management Approach.1.1DefinitionTotal Quality Management (TQM)Total: Every person in the organization is involved, including customers and suppliers and other stakeholders. Quality is everyone's responsibility.Quality: Customer requirements are met exactly (Getting a product with no defects, on time and at a competit ...view middle of the document...

It's important that employees are more involved in the decision making process of the business. After they are the people who are working directly with the customer. Therefore they are the first people who notice when there are problems or a need of improvement things.1.2. Brief History of TQMTQM was developed in the mid 1940s after World War II and has been one of the most influential management methods used over the last 30 years. In the beginning it was only used in the manufacturing sector but since has been adopted in many types of organizations.Dr. Edward Deming is one of the fathers of TQM.The initial concept of TQM was to use statistics to achieve quality at reduced costs.Dr. Deming hardly convinced American firms to adopt TQM but his management methods were successful in Japan.Indeed, Japanese industries were producing quality whereas the Americans were focused on the quantity to the detriment of the quality.That is why Japan quickly gained an important success with their high quality products at a low price.In order to compete and survive, the rest of the world had to take in consideration Deming's concept and adopt the same methods as the Japanese.3II.TQMThe concept of TQM is -" No matter how good an organization has become, there is alwaysroom for further improvement."- "The means to satisfying the customers."- "Doing things right the first time and every time."-"The means to sustaining business excellence."-"Treating staff the same way as the customers."2.1The Four Revolutions of Quality ManagementIn their book "A New American TQM - Four Practical Revolutions In Management", the authors interpret TQM as " an evolving system of practices, tools, and training methods for managing companies to provide customer satisfaction in a rapidly changing world "( Shiba et al: 1993).4a)Total Participation: Employees are key deliverables in creating a dynamic management system. It is their job to present the company to the customer andtherefore it is essential they obtain the skills to do this, such as team-building andcustomer care.b)Continuous Improvement: A company should always be looking to improve its processes. It should continually raise the bar each time a goal is met to accommodate the ever changing needs of the customer of the 21st century.c)Focus on the Customer : The customer is the building block of every company. For management system to be effective it is essential to focus on the customer. Customer concerns should be integrated into the companies business plan to enable end product satisfaction as there is no better form of advertisement than a happy customer.d)Societal Networking: Apart from a companies internal audience, another major source for the improvement of business ideas is social networking. This is the set of companies, customers, and suppliers are associated with every organization, that can learn from the experiences of these groups. In developing these valuable resources into a comprehensive management strat...


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1436 words - 6 pages Untitled Total Quality management Corporate process improvement is a major factor towards improved efficiency and customer service. An `As-Is' flow chart of the accrual process is supplied, the relationship to the organization's strategic plan is discussed, the internal and external customers are identified, while potential impact on these customers is noted. The most appropriate quality management tool is used to collect

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1586 words - 7 pages the organization. Quicken Loans takes pride in providing high quality services to all customers by focusing on Total Quality Management. Without TQM Quicken Loans would not have the exceptional reputation like they do at this point.Strategic Plan AnalysisQuicken Loans Is a large mortgage company with over 23+ years experience as a mortgage lender. Quicken Loans, according to National Mortgage News, is America's largest online lender and is one of

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334 words - 2 pages and tries to contribute as mach as possible to company's success. Total quality management refers to a quality emphasis that encompasses the entire organization, from supplier to customer. Identifying and meeting customer expectations requires an emphasis on TQM if a firm is to compete as a leader in world market or to have competitive advantage. TQM requires a never-ending process of continuous improvement. In Acme P/OM managers are built a work

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2009 words - 9 pages Free effectively. III. New approaches for quality management system for the company The VWG has been applied some methods such as 5S, Kaizen and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) but they are not efficiency and accuracy. Hence, there were many mistakes cannot be eliminated. The firm should apply “six sigma” quality control method to deal with any problems and improve the quality level of the products. Six-sigma is a methodology to enhance the capacity of

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1023 words - 5 pages , vision, and strategic objectives. The current operating status of Riordan Manufacturing and the role of Total Quality Management (TQM) on Riordan's strategic objectives will be identified. As well as the impacts of globalization on Riordan's position of TQM, and how globalization could increase the complexity of TQM with Riordan as an organization.Riordan operates manufacturing plants around the world. The plant located in Albany, Georgia

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1025 words - 5 pages problem. The weight of the weaved fabric is incorrect and has been making customers unsatisfied. Resolving this issue promptly is recommended so no further loss is persists. References Davis S., Goetsch D. (2010). Quality Management for Organizational Excellence. Total Quality sixth edition, Chapters 16, & 18. Pearson Education Inc. QUALITY TEXTILES INTERNATIONAL SCENARIO 3 Running head: QUALITY TEXTILES INTERNATIONAL SCENARIO 1 QUALITY TEXTILES INTERNATIONAL SCENARIO 2

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2322 words - 10 pages Free , 2001)Total Quality Management (TQM)Total quality management is often confused with a high performance work system. TQM has produced positive results in many companies by focusing everyone on high quality. Indeed, many high performance companies have built their work systems on a foundation of total quality. It provides a common language and a problem-solving process. Yet, many of these same companies have found that TQM on its own doesn't help

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3408 words - 14 pages Abstract:This paper discusses about what is quality service, the tangible and intangible aspects of quality, application of total quality management system, the role of organization structure and process , upper and middle level management ,technology and the implementation to achieve consistent and quality service in 5 star properties.What is Quality service in the hospitality industry?Quality service is the result of an operations effort to

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529 words - 3 pages products and services." And considering that DeFeo is the CEO of the Juran Institute, I would say that he is biased toward the benefits of the Six Sigma process.I do agree with the main theme of the article. The successful implementation of a Six Sigma program can improve the quality and efficiency of any department or process within a corporation. The program is very similar to Deming's Total Quality Management in that they both promote

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2894 words - 12 pages ISO 9000. References Goetsch, D. L., & Davis, S. B. (2010). Quality management for organizational excellence: Introduction to total quality, 6th ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall International Standards for Business, Government and Society. ISO 2011. Retrieved from quality_management/qmp/qmp-3.htm. on January 7, 2011. Top of Form Bottom of Form Quality Improvement Implementation

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1943 words - 8 pages all the course programs and certifications in belt yellow, green and black of six sigma (Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Six Sigma Green Belt And Six Sigma Black Belt). For more information see our offer here. Both the total quality management (TQM by its acronym in English) as the Six Sigma are time-tested tools to improve product quality as well as services. While there are many similarities between them, the subtleties within these systems are

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1812 words - 8 pages our organization and articulate a process to improve the quality of our service.ReferencesMelnyk, S. A. & Fredendall, L. D., (2004). Total Quality Management: Framework,Measures, & Standards. McGraw-Hill Company, Retrieved October 5, 2004from UoP eResoures /resource.aspMBUSA Training. Business Development Center (2004). Retrieved October 25, 2004

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1288 words - 6 pages Organizing is a major function in any management setting. The function of organizing in management defines each category or position or in each department. To establishing internal organizational structure of a company, organization has to be established as soon as possible.The significance of management organizing is a very valuable tool for the success of many companies. Businesses place a huge importance on quality and performance improvement

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708 words - 3 pages major goal of this campaign.Finally, current and potential customers must be aware that Bell will continue to offer the highest quality in customer support. By providing 24-hour customer support Bell allows consumers access to sales and technical support knowledge. Establishing a relationship with the Asian market (Seitel, 2004), which " expected to nearly quintuple-to 32 million by 2050" (p. 298) in the United States alone will provide a huge boost to Bell's attempt to gain total market share and international brand recognition.

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2317 words - 10 pages offered two sites, an old family pub in the countryside and a disused church in the inner-city area. Reviewing the number of key determinants for the revenue growth based on the sample of 47 pubs, the objective was to develop a recommendation which of the two sites would be a better investment opportunity. Using regression analysis to identify the strongest correlation, it became evident that quality of management, the pub type and the income of the