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Tourism Industry Essay

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Tourism is a main industry in the modern world. Importance of tourism Tourism is a main industry in the modern world. According to the reports in the year of 1999 more than 663 million people went away from their homeland to rest even a one night in another country. More than 45 billions of USD have spent by them in the same year. According to surveys people tend to go abroad as tourists and yearly the number of tourists is being excessive. Countries like Srilanka, India, Malaysia tend to develop the tourism in their ...view middle of the document...

For an example the arrival of tourists to Srilanka inn the year of 1999 was 436440. But by identifying economic benefits which can be taken up by tourist industry Srilankan rulers tend to develop tourism. The most important fact of attracting tourists to Srilanka is the well civilized history of Srilanka and the remains if the history. State craft relationships tend to attract them further. As to globalization no country in the modern world can be stayed lonely. Politically, economically, and socially each and every country have to make contacts with the rest of the world. Tourism is a great instant to make contact with the other countries. When two countries contacted by tourism, automatically state craft relationships might occur. So the conflicts between states might reduce. It is a benefit which can be gained by tourism. The most important benefit which can be gained by tourism is the economical benefit. Tourists from developed countries might come to the developing countries as tourists. It can be considered as 'money buckets'. From these facts we can conclude that tourism is a most important industry in the world. But rulers must be tactful just to get benefits by reducing the disadvantages.

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