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Track Essay

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America's school system and student population remains segregated, by race and class. The inequalities that exist in schools today result from more than just poorly managed schools; they reflect the racial and socioeconomic inequities of society as a whole. Most of the problems of schools boil down to either racism in and outside the school or financial disparity between wealthy and poor school districts. Because schools receive ...view middle of the document...

Less funding means fewer resources, lower quality instruction and curricula, and little to no community involvement. Even when low-income schools manage to find adequate funding, the money doesn't solve all the school's problems. Most important, money cannot influence student, parent, teacher, and administrator perceptions of class and race. Nor can money improve test scores and make education relevant and practical in the lives of minority students. Racial equality is even more difficult topic than social justice. It often gets confused with racial equality or equal opportunity. School funding is systemically unequal, partially because the majority of school funding comes from the school which means that not everyone is getting the same support system from friends to family all the way to coaches. That could play a big part of why the statistics are the way they are. Throughout history human beings have always suffered from unfairness, discrimination and prejudice. Such inequalities can be attributed to many factors, for example, ethnicity, religion, genders or sexual orientation. Equal opportunity, or equality of opportunity as it is sometimes known, is closely linked to Meritocracy and social Darwinism.

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