Tragic Hero And Ambitious And Power 11a Essay

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MARKS: 150
PUNTE: 150
These marking guidelines consist of 21 pages.
Hierdie nasienriglyne bestaan uit 21 bladsye.
Mathematics/P2/Wiskunde/V2 2 DBE/2018
SCE/SSE – Marking Guidelines/Nasienriglyne
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• If a candidate answers a question TWICE, only mark the FIRST attempt.
• If a candidate has crossed out an attempt of a question and not redone the question, mark the
crossed out version.
• Consistent accuracy applies in ALL aspects of the marking memorandum. Stop marking at the
second calculation error.
• Assuming answers/values in order to solve a problem is NOT acceptable.
• As 'n kandidaat 'n vraag TWEE KEER beantwoord, sien slegs die EERSTE poging na.
• As 'n kandidaat 'n antwoord van 'n vraag doodtrek en nie oordoen nie, sien die doodgetrekte
poging na.
• Volgehoue akkuraatheid word in ALLE aspekte van die nasienriglyne toegepas. Hou op nasien
by die tweede berekeningsfout.
• Aanvaar van antwoorde/waardes om 'n probleem op te los, word NIE toegelaat nie.
A mark for a correct statement
(A statement mark is independent of a reason.)
'n Punt vir 'n korrekte bewering
('n Punt vir 'n bewering is onafhanklik van die rede.)
A mark for a correct reason
(A reason mark may only be awarded if the statement is correct.)
'n Punt vir 'n korrekte rede
('n Punt word slegs vir die rede toegeken as die bewering korrek is.)
Award a mark if the statement AND reason are both correct.
Ken 'n punt toe as beide die bewering EN rede korrek is.
Mathematics/P2/Wiskunde/V2 3 DBE/2018
SCE/SSE – Marking Guidelines/Nasienriglyne
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2283 Mean/ =Gemiddelde
190,25 =
Mean profit/Gemiddelde wins 250,00R190= or 190,25 thousand rands
 sum/som
 answer
 answer in
of rands
171169Median =+=
thousand rands
= R170 000
 answer
 whiskers
 quartiles
1.3 13 QQIQR −=
= 210 – 160 thousand rands
= R50 000
 answer
1.4 Skewed to the right or positively skewed.  answer
1.5.1 04118759,67=σ thousand rands
= R67 041,19
 answer
1.5.2 σ−x = 123,21 thousand rands
For 2 months the profit was less than one standard deviation below the mean.
 lower
 answer
100 140 180 220 260 300 340 380
110 112 156 164 167 169
171 176 192 228 278 360
170 210 360
Mathematics/P2/Wiskunde/V2 4 DBE/2018
SCE/SSE – Marking Guidelines/Nasienriglyne
Copyright reserved/Kopiereg voorbehou Please turn over/Blaai om asseblief
32 8
40 10
52 12
76 15
92 17
112 20
128 25
180 28
184 30
200 35
0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200

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