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Training Methods & Principles
· Progressive overload
Progressively challenge the body so that it will continue to make changes to cope with the new demands (thus increasing fitness)
If training remains the same for 6 months fitness level will not keep increasing, but remain at a constant level
· Specificity
Fitness is specific- adaptations from training will be directly related to the type of training undertaken
Training programs must be specific to the sport to activity you want to train for
· Variation
Same training week in and week out over extended period of time will not see fitness improve
Variety can include:
Where you train: Ovals, road, beach.
How e.g. swimming can substitute running.
How hard you train.
Vary people train with.
· Individuality
No two athletes will respond in the same wat to a training session.
Coaches must take this into consideration to tailor plan to each athlete.
Factors that need to be taken into account include:
Fitness level
· Recovery
In order for the body to adapt to training, there must be an appropriate recovery period (24-48hours)
Does not have to be a break can alternate hard and easy training sessions.
Can consist of muscle group alternation:
Monday – Biceps
Tuesday – Triceps
Wednesday – Biceps
· Diminishing Returns
This principle sates that for any athlete:
Gains in fitn...

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