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Training Proposal On Communication Between Leaders And Employees University Of Technology Sydney Research Assignment

2539 words - 11 pages

Training proposal
Table of Contents
Executive Summary 1
1. Background, scope and purpose of communication training 1
1.1 Background 1
1.2 Scope of the training 2
1.3 Purpose of the communication training 2
2. Training plan 2
2.1 Stage 1 - Being aware of different communication styles 3
2.2 Stage 2 - Practicing active listening 4
i. Improving concentration 4
ii. Empathising with what being said 5
iii. Limiting interruptions and responding appropriately 6
2.3 Stage 3 - Understanding non-verbal communication 6
2.4 Stage 4 - Creating a sufficient feedback system 7
i. Establishing internal connections 7
ii. 360-degree performance appraisal 7
Conclusion 8
References 9
Appendices 12
Peer Review Sheet: Project Proposal 14
Executive Summary
Our motivation of doing this training proposal is to improve internal communication in Opal-Mart specifically between senior managers and their employees. In the training, they will go through four stages: raising awareness of different communication styles, practicing active listening, equipping non-verbal communication and creating an appropriate feedback system. They provide senior management with learning tools for effective listening skills and, therefore, gain a better understanding of staff’s needs. After the training, it is expected to reduce the hierarchical gap and increase staff engagement.
Our company has conducted specialised trainings around Australia for the last ten years and received excellent feedback from our clients and partners. We can warrant that by following our instructions, communication problems will be dismissed. We are looking forward to your response for this proposal and hope to conduct the training soon.
1. Background, scope and purpose of communication training
1.1 Background
Recent communication audit of Opal-Mart revealed issues about internal communication which was evaluated as poor, top-down, one-dimensional and management-oriented. The model of communication adopted is information transfer (Walker 2011) which believes in one way of communication, there is no distortion of the message from the sender to the receiver. This is against employees’ expectation of having more open communication culture and feeling more involved in the company operations. Therefore, this training is built on dialogic model of communication (Walker 2011) in which managers are more open to receive feedback and able to learn techniques related to communication such as active listening and empathy skills.
1.2 Scope of the training
Senior management is the most influential persons whose decisions can affect the whole business dramatically. Therefore, it is essential to develop a communication change plan right from senior managers, who are the target audience of this training program.
The effect of this training not only takes place in senior management level but also requires the collaboration of the whole company. Middle-level managers are encouraged to learn and positively convey...

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