Transcript Of Is Celebrity Culture Beneficial Or Harmful University Of Liverpool Essay

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Transcript of Is Celebrity Culture Beneficial or Harmful? 
Point 3: Brainwash
With both encouraging bad behavior and causing mental/physical harm to society, it can be called brainwash. Our idea of beauty is altered,and we follow what ever it is celebrities encourage. When we see our favorite celebrity use a certain product, there is a high probability we will soon buy and use that product. Watching videos or interviews, we become more and more like our idols. Meaning, that we begin to like all of the things they like, and because they are famous, other people are the same way, which is slowly making the world less unique.
Celebrity culture pesticides today's 
society. They cause teens to thirst for fame, rather than work for it, which in turn makes teens self-absorbed. "The kids want fame in American Idol fashion, where one day you're aspiring, the next day you're discovered, then boom, the rules no longer apply to you,
That's a lot more attractive than spending years in your garage developing a microchip. (Halpern). Some teens cause harm to their physical and mental health just to be like celebrities. Others follow in celebrities' footsteps of destruction. "Celebrity culture is harmful because first of all we don't know 're losing out, second they present the beauty ideal that play a role in eating disorders and other mental health issues, and third they don't have morals to live up to. Some are demanding, some are selfish, and some are hypocritical. (Anonymous)."
Point 1:Mental and Physical Issues
Looking at magazines and seeing pictures of celebrities, it is 
hard to find flaws. Every image or video you see is photo-shopped.With just a few clicks of a mouse, blemishes can disappear, hourglass figures can be acquired, stray hairs won't exist, and facial features can be modified. Teens strive to look like this naturally, not realizing is is all edited work.With the thought that this body image can be achieved, teens go to great measures to look like this. In reality, this is not humanly possible. 
Looking into the past,, you can see suicide rates h...


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