Transgenerational Work Force (How The Transgenerational Work Force Is Affecting Our Society.)

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The twenty-first century marks a new development in the workplace. Today, there are four generations interacting in the workforce: the Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Next. This has become a problem because each generation has a different set of values and standards.Today there are still four generations working for many reasons. Usually the older generations tend to retire in their later years; however recent events have either forced them to hold off on retiring or to come out of being retired. A reason that they are many young people in the workforce is due to their advanced knowledge in the technology field.These four generations each have their own ideas about comp ...view middle of the document...

The silent generation is a group who were born 1927-1945. This generation is particularly loyal because they grew up in times when opportunities were scarce. The Baby Boomers were born from 1946-1964. This group is very competitive because it is such a large group of people. Generation X is a group born 1965-1981. They prefer to work independently and are always looking for employers who can improve their skills. Generation Y is a set people born 1982- present. This is most adult supervised and as a result they have no problem with trusting the older generations. Generation Y loves to work as a team and are very optimistic.The second step in fixing this problem involves methods of attracting each generation. By understanding what each generation is looking for it makes it much easier for the employer to satisfy everyone, while increasing productivity and retaining employees.The final step is training. Offering training for each generation based on their weak points. This can increase their ability to work in conjunction with the others and give them an even more impressive skill level.All in all the problem of a transgenerational workforce is here. These four generations interacting in the workforce are: the Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Next. Employers can solve this problem by knowing who the groups consist of, what their weaknesses are, what they have to offer, offer training, and finding what attracts them. Hopefully this burden on our economy soon turns into a advantage.


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