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The emergence of the Internet has allowed the growth of transnational & global virtual communities. Transnational & Global Communities are communities that span across different national borders. Virtual communities of this kind are extremely useful in connecting people from various geographical locations around the World.Global communities offer all kinds of advantages over local communities, but in any case there are also issues affecting these communities that must be considered.The Language, Culture and Time zone are 3 issues that may be considered. With global communities, members would exist over the world, and these members would be from various cultures speaking different languages. As a result, there needs to be a uniform language used, which would often be English in most cases. However, because of people speaking different 'first languages' communications may sometimes be difficult and misunderstood especially over the Internet.Various cultures are also a factor for people belonging to a global Internet community. As people are raised in different cultures, it thoughts and ideals would differ, and hence the way they present there information and thoughts would also be different due to the influences of there own cultures.Time zones become a factor in global communities that implement 'real time chat'. Different time zones around the World can make it difficult for members from Australia to speak to someone in the America; this therefore restricts the extent of available communication between members.All these factors are just some of the influences on a global and transnational community. There are many types of global and transnational communities, with various purposes. Some examples would be:e-Bay - global e-commerce siteNapster - global file sharing communityGlobal communities have many reasons for existence, weather personal, or business. The main aim of these communities is to make their resources available to a larger network of people.


Frobel’S Concept Of The NIDL Assignment

597 words - 3 pages Free two parts. Thefirst part states that as the division of labour becomes global it divides thelabour force into core and periphery .The second part states that asmanufacturing centres are located in the periphery, so jobs are lost in thecore.II.1. Part OneFrobel argues that the driving force of the division of labour into twoeconomic zones of 'core' and 'periphery' is global capitalism, as enactedthrough the strategies of some of the main actors in

Globalization And Law In Everyday Life

2269 words - 10 pages scholars who too narrowly focused on the nation-state as the primary unit of analysis. Nevertheless, law and society research has focused primarily on transnational interactions and global actors and has paid less attention to the implications of globalization for a topic that has long been central to the law and society field: the role of law in the everyday lives, interactions, and consciousness of ordinary people. This entry addresses the

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1187 words - 5 pages adolescents.The trend of globalization has led many news organizations to "go global." Global media are usually transnational organizations that generate messages or programs for dissemination to a large number of people around the world, which in turn quickens the globalization process and changes the social environment in which children and adolescents live. Globalization is part of the daily life of youth, affecting their work, leisure

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3731 words - 15 pages place. Many companies develop a strategy when entering a new market, firms typically choose between 4 different strategies which are global standardization, localization, transnational, and international the relevancy and effectiveness of each strategy varies depending on costs and local responsiveness (Hill, 2014: 353). Companies may also form strategic alliances when entering a new market such as the Chinese market where we see many companies

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592 words - 3 pages uniform across the globe)  Multidomestic strategy: Customize products, service, and marketing for the local culture Transnational strategy: Combination of the best of multidomestic and global. It attempts to respect the needs of the local market, while maintaining the efficiencies of a global strategy  Trade agreement: Enforceable treaty between two or more countries that addresses the movement of goods and services, eliminates trade barriers

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844 words - 4 pages Discuss the role of global governance in areas of conflict Global governance involves the movement towards political cooperation among transnational actors, aimed at negotiating responses to problems that affect more than one state or region, meaning it is necessary in areas of conflict which are states of opposition between ideas and interests etc. Global governance is necessary in maintaining peace in areas of conflict and because of this

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1043 words - 5 pages Free Government Policies a. Russian Revolution b. Communism – USSR & Joseph Stalin 2. Famine 3. War – civil war iv. The Great Depression 1. Changes in Investors’ Confidence 2. Natural Disaster – Drought 3. Economic Uncertainty – High Unemployment v. World War II 1. War vi. The Cold War 2. Key Ideas of Contemporary Global Economics a. John Maynard Keynes i. Argued against unrestricted capitalism and for government control of economies. Governments could

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635 words - 3 pages transnational state apparatus, and toward the emergence of national and international non-governmental organisations that act as watchdogs over governments and have increased their activities and influence”. Associated with the shift of decision making from states to international organisations with either regional or global jurisdiction. With political globalisation smaller countries can work together and gain more influence internationally. Cultural

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2664 words - 11 pages … globalisation will lead to the same kind of disasters that befell industrial capitalism but on a global scale.’ Sonnenfeld & Mol, 2002 pp 1318) Transformationalist ​ scholars sit somewhere in the middle; they hold that ​globalisation​ is a process whereby information, ideas, technology, capital, labour and other human activity is becoming increasingly transnational, blurring the line between a state’s foreign and domestic policy in a

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1146 words - 5 pages . States are now implementing anti trafficking legislation, the legislation acts to help. 7 Works Cited Aronowitz, A. A. (2009) Human Trafficking, Human Misery: The Global Trade in Human Beings, United States of America: Greenwood Publishing group Inc. Deshpande, Neha A, and Nawal M Nour. “Sex Trafficking of Women and Girls.” Reviews in Obstetrics and Gynecology 6.1 (2013): e22–e27. Print. Haken, Jeremy. "Transnational Crime In The Developing World

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1419 words - 6 pages culture, and even whole societies. Universal/abstract groups create this intangible enemy that tends to attract a larger pool of supporters, often transnational, whom are less concerned with immediate change. Unlike strategic groups, universal/abstract groups do not have to deal with angering their target audiences because of their goals rather they are more inclined to have less attacks but with a high casualty attacks to demonstrate the seriousness

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2942 words - 12 pages developing transnational relationship of financial and social activities, growth in the opportunity and risk, and to a severe rivalry. Globalization is increased due to direct investment in foreign, privatization, technological advancement such as transport and communication (Beck and Camiller, 2001). Globalization and technology are necessarily associated in this new decade. As the technology increase, there is massive growth in the global trend

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1401 words - 6 pages Free part of everyday life and social interaction, and a public relations practitioner does not have to be practicing across national borders to encounter cultural differences and diversity (Sha, 2006).Practitioners communicate with publics that belong to specific cultural groups, especially in multicultural societies and transnational settings (Banks, 1995,2000; Sha, 2006); they are involved in the production of culture as cultural intermediaries

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762 words - 4 pages Humanitarian intervention has been described by some scholars as humanitarian imperialism. Given such principles as the “doctrine to protect”, is this a valid assertion? Plan · Introduction · Define Humanitarian intervention and the importance of it. · Define imperialism · State stance · Body (1) · Discuss humanitarian interventions on a global scale – where it came about from, rwanada, then why it may be seen as imperialism · Analyse the pros

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2566 words - 11 pages organizations such as the International Monetary Fund. D. China Rejoins the World Economy 1. In China, after 1979, the regime of Deng Xiaoping carried out successful economic reforms that allowed private enterprise and foreign investment to exist alongside the inefficient state-owned enterprises. By 2009 China had become the world’s third largest economy. 2. Being part of the global market meant that, when a world-wide crisis began in 2008, Chinese