Travel And Tourism Exam Questions Grade 11 Tourism Course Review Assignment

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Travel and Tourism -Final Exam Review
1. Be able to locate and label countries that we have learned about in this course, including ISU.
Netherlands, France, United States, Italy, Greece, Jamaica, Cuba, Hong Kong, Australia, Spain.
2. Be able to identify different regions of the world.
3. Be able to identify various sites around the world and which country they are located in.
Great Wall of China, (China) Christ the redeemer, (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Taj Mahal, (Agra, India) Chichen itza, (yucatan, Mexico)
Colosseum, (Italy) Petra (Petra, Jordan)
Machu Picchu (peru) Eiffel tower (Paris, France)
Ha long Bay (Vietnam) Iquazu Falls (Argentina & Brazil)
Underground River, (Philippines) Jeju Island (Jeju Province South Korea)
Komodo Island (Indonesia) Amazon rainforest (South America)
Table Mountain (Western Cape & city of cape Town, South Africa)
4. Be familiar with travel timeline and the highlights of it. What happened in the ‘60s that drastically increased travel across Canada?
In the 1800 there were steam Locaomotives and railway transportation. In the early 1800s the steamships were replaced by sail boats. 1903, the wright brothers created the first controlled powered airplane. In 1907, henry ford produced the first model T. In 1939, Canada had their first super-highway (Queen Elizabeth way).
In the 60s there was an increase of travel because transportation methods such as cruise ships and all-inclusive package holiday made it easier for many to travel as people no longer need to worry about organizing all the details and paying one set price for everything including flights, accommodation, food and drinks.
5. What is a travel motivator?
A travel motivator is a reason why people travel. The five different travel motivators are
Personal – curiosity, desire to learn about an area, enhance self-esteem, stress relief (needs to get away), improve health, recreation. Ex. Weekend Getaway
Environmental – Desire to experience different landscapes, check out different types of wildlife, and enjoy outdoor experiences. Ex. Safari.
Cultural – Desire to explore art, history, food religion, language, etc, may be something from your own culture or from another culture. Ex. Festival
Social – visit friends and family, travel with friend(s) to a destination away from home (domestic or international). Ex. March break in Mexico with friends
Adventure – Desire for exhilaration, risk, challenge or exploration. Ex. White water rafting in Ottawa.
Business/Professional – business conventions, workshops, exhibitions, school trips. Ex. School trips to Niagara Falls.
6. What are travel barriers?
A travel barrier is a reason why someone may not want to travel.
Cost: consumers have budgets. Travel competes with other financial commitments.
Health: inadequate health may keep people from traveling.
Time: people have jobs, business, family, & other commitments that limits the time available for travel.
Family stage: parents with young children may limit travel beca...


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