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Travel Industry: Look And Feel Essay

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According to (2008), "Spirit Airlines, based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida is the leading low cost carrier to the Caribbean serving 33 markets in the United States, Bahamas and Caribbean with 185 daily flights." Spirit Airline started out as Charter One in 1980, a charter tour operator and from the beginning of 1993 began its expansion to areas such as Florida, and from 2001-2005 Spirit was serving areas from the coast of San Juan, Puerto Rico to the Caribbean to Montego Bay, Jamaica.In addition to air travel, Spirit has made it easy for an individual to navigate through Spirit's site to choose from an array of links to include hotel accommodations, cruises, car ...view middle of the document...

When the individual is taken to the site there offers that an individual can view and if not happy he or she has the option of creating his or her own vacation package.Though many sites may be similar in substances, chances are they have a great deal in common. Content, graphics, and navigation of a site is critical for visitors to remain interested. Spirit like many other web sites wants its customers to be able to find what they are looking for quickly and easily, therefore, navigation of its site is one of the most critical aspects of its web site. If an individual visiting a web site finds the site complicated and the site's upload speed is slow, more than likely the individual will think twice about visiting the site to conduct business.When creating a web site, companies such as Spirit are making every effort to make its sites visitors feel welcomed and creating a site that makes it customers feel at ease when navigating. The sites small banners such as the one below with bold color and large text such as the advertisement of $9 air fare makes an individual wants to click on the link to learn more.I believe will leave its visitors feeling very pleased with the ease of the products that the site offers. Not only does it cater to an individual's traveling needs but also to the needs of an individual who wants to take a extraordinary vacation at a very low prices with its offers of vacations provided the use of promotional codes offered through the company.Reference:Spirtit Airlines. (2008). Retrieved June 29, 2008, from

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