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Traveling To The West Essay

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In the journeys of the three groups; the Native Americans, the aspiring settlers of Oregon, and the Mormons, all three groups were going west. They all left their family and friends behind and the land they've lived on for so long to move to a new land unfamiliar to them. However, each group went for different reasons, and therefore they each had a different state of mind and they each reacted differently to the trip.In the trail of tears, the Native Americans were being forced off the land they've lived on for many years, in order to make room for other settlers to move in. Thus, they left in sadness and sorrow for they had no choice in the matter. Additionally, they did not know what to look forward to, because the land they were to be given; Oklahoma, ...view middle of the document...

Some went reluctantly, leaving behind loved ones, yet all had the same adventurous excitement about the journey that would bring them to their new homes. Although the trip wasn't entirely pleasant, because people died along the way and the journey was long, hard, and sometimes dangerous, they were not forced to leave like the Native Americans. Thus they all left with hope, although some with a little regret, and packed their wagons to leave to settle new land.The Mormon exodus was different from the rest, in the way that they were moving west in the hopes of being able to live in peace while practicing their religion. The Mormons were being taken off their land by non-Mormons, but they left happily and in high hopes of the excitement of living together with their leaders in peace and not being bothered by enemies. While the other groups left their loved ones in sadness and regret, the Mormons left in happiness because they looked forward to their religious freedom and hoped that shortly, they would reunite with their loved ones. They sold their land for cheap prices so that it would be sold quickly and so they can leave sooner. They left their land deserted and slightly destroyed as they left in haste. Unlike the native Americans, they didn't travel in large groups with all their belongings, rather they tried to sell everything and carry just their money. The Mormons knew they were being pushed off the land, yet they left excitedly and with great anticipation.All three of these groups left, leaving behind their land and some family to go on a dangerous journey to the west. Some went seeking a better life, others for religious freedom, and some against their will, being forced to leave unjustly by the U.S. government.

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