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Trevian Simon9/30/144th BlockMy family is my life. Everything I do, I do it for my family. Family should always be together but that's just the opinion of a young man. But what if family members that you love dearly have to go away forever or almost went away. This is where my motivation and desire to get my education; When my brother, sister, and I fell off a jet ski, my oldest brother passing away, and my favorite cousin, who's been in jail for a while.We was in ...view middle of the document...

My brother and I managed to pick ourselves up but our sister was struggling. We had to hurry up and save her. When we did it and she was safe, I was happy but at the same time I was scared because I almost lost a my only sister. She motivates me to do better and better every time.My oldest brother, Jamaal Jackson, died from a shooting in the park. When I heard the news, I couldn't do anything. Then it hit me, my brother was a fallen soldier. He was gone forever. Then I realized how I needed to step up and become a better me than I was yesterday.My cousin, who is like my brother, is lost in the jail system. I really don't know what he did to go to jail and get 25 to life and he's just 17 years of age. When he called me last year and told me, I really couldn't do anything. He told me to be strong, get my education, and take care of my mother. If that what it takes to make him happy, than I'll get my education to the best of my ability. My education is important to me. I need my education for the future. That's why my family affects my education. With the je ski misfortune, the death of my oldest brother and my favorite cousin being locked behind bars, I have no exceptions on why I couldn't have got my education.

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