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Trial by Jury"Trial by jury" is a "trial by the country" In my opinion, trial by jury is the best way to achieve justice because rather than one man judging the accused there are 12 men who will be judging. In addition, trial by jury prevents oppression by the government. And finally, trial by jury is very beneficial in Canada, providing exceptionally fair and just trial.Elders used to say, 2 heads are better than one head. You can use this saying in trail by a jury. Trial by a jury consists of 12 men, who decide whether the accused is guilty or not. They all will look at the accused differently after the court session is over, but they all have to come at a unanimous decision, 12 to 0. They are argue and discuss what went on in the trial and then vote on them and look deep into the evidences provided to them. Some times judges misunderstand the evidence and since there is only one judge deciding the fate of the accused, there is no one to tell whether he is making a wrong conviction. Judges are not as broad as the juries are, even though judges have more knowledge of the law then jurors.Juries put an end to oppression by the government because they are chosen randomly and they government does not interfere in it. Since the government has no right to control the selection of the jurors, there are not jurors who will do what they want them to do. For instance, some times government might want to put some one in jail because he/she might be a threat to them so they chose some juries who will vote guilty and then the accused would be serving unnecessary punishment. It also prevents judges from giving unlawful conviction or wrong convictions since there is only one head.Trial by jury provides exceptionally fair and just trials in Canada. Some times juries make mistakes because of wrong charge to the jury but if the judge gave the charge to the jury in a language that they understand, trial by the jury is the best way to get justice. Juries are randomly picked and they are of different race and athenics. Because of these differences, and the experience they had in there on life on in there countries, the trial by jury is the best way to get fair trials. Juries are broad minded and they have no idea of the law, so they decide on what the accused did was right or wrong.Therefore, the trial by jury is the best way to get justice because there are more heads to decide whether the accused had really broken the law or not, it puts and end to oppression by the government and finally it is very beneficial in Canada, providing exceptionally fair and just trials.


The crucible mock trial assignment - English 4U - Research

882 words - 4 pages defense attorney. Defense Attorney: This person presents will give evidence as to why the defendant is not guilty and will dispute any allegations made by the PA. The Judge: The judge decides which disputed facts (evidence), may be presented to the jury. In this trial, your teacher will act as the judge. The Jury: The jury is usually a group of ordinary citizens selected to decide the verdict. Witnesses: Witnesses must have specific knowledge of what

Ring V. Arizona Case Brief

1533 words - 7 pages dictated its application to the death sentence context, stating:"The right to trial by jury guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment would be senselessly diminished if it encompassed the fact-finding necessary to increase a defendant's sentence by two years, but not the fact-finding necessary to put him to death".Justice Ginsburg concluded that the Sixth Amendment applies to both.Significance:This case set forth the precedent that juries, not the judge, will

Sheppard v. Maxwell, Warden. 3S4 U.S. 333, S6 S.Ct. 1507, 16 L.Ed.2d 600 (1966)

445 words - 2 pages published by the Cleveland newspapers and the unsequestered jury of the Cleveland courts.Rationale: Due process of law states that: A fundamental, constitutional guarantee that all legal proceedings will be fair and that one will be given notice of the proceedings and an opportunity to be heard before the government acts to take away one's life, liberty, or property. Also, a constitutional guarantee that a law shall not be unreasonable, arbitrary, or capricious. The city of Cleveland unfairly published information regarding the trial, and the jury was biased because of this, and had a preconception of how they were going to vote.


639 words - 3 pages Changing VerdictsThe trials in both Billy Budd and Twelve Angry Men have a 'jury' of sorts, and in each story, the members of these juries are virtually unanimous in their decision, but one person remains who would vote against his/her fellow jurors. As it happens, both juries completely change the verdict from what it appeared each jury would have originally voted. I hope to show you the similarities/differences of these two stories by exposing

Ancient Greece - what did they ever do for you?

498 words - 2 pages Free vote for laws, or make a statement. The only unfair thing about this version was that women could not vote or have anything to do with government.2) Trial by Jury was a very important thing in courts. When a man was brought to the courtroom, people (I'm Ancient Rome they had as many as 500) would vote to see if the man was guilty or innocent. Jurors are paid, and rich or poor could be them.3) Theater was something that people saw daily. A comedy was

Justice in To Kill A Mockingbird - Englsih - Essay

2214 words - 9 pages 63 years ago, on August 28th, 1955, a fourteen year old boy from Chicago, Illinois was kidnapped, beaten, killed, and dumped into the Tallahatchie River. Emmett Till faced a horrible and gruesome death based on the ‘accusation’ of hitting on a white woman. A month later, Till’s murderers were acquitted by an all white jury. Later, protected by double jeopardy, the murders admitted to the vicious murder of the young boy. The murder and trial of

The Magna Carta By: Tyler Giacopelli

391 words - 2 pages Magna Carta also said that all free men can get a fair trial with a jury of their peers. In addition, the Magna Carta gave nobles some say in the government. Over the course of fifty years, this grew into the idea of parliament. Parliament is a group of advisers to the English king. The other way the Magna Carta affected the monarchs rule was by making them more powerful. The Magna Carta made the monarchs more powerful by giving the nobles some

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730 words - 3 pages from answering an incriminating question or being charged for the same crime more than once 6. Right to a speedy trial with a neutral jury of one’s peers and legal counsel 7. In civil cases the right to a trial by jury is reserved, nothing can be examined a second time by a different jury 8. Protection from overly excessive fines or bail, cruel or abnormal punishment 9. Any individual rights not listed in the constitution are still protected by

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1804 words - 8 pages has survived. Ozie states that he had his hands up when the sheriff had shot him in the head. Powell was never the same again.By now the seven of the nine boys had been held for six years with out a trial, when the trial had begun for Clarence Norris. On Monday, July 12, the trial began, and then the jury had reached a verdict, the death penalty, by Wednesday. Andy Wright's trial was next; he had gotten ninety-nine years. On July 24, on a Saturday

Reading Response on Trials of Chelsea Manning and Trayvon Martin - Brown University HIST150 - Short Essay

682 words - 3 pages trials also become biased and distortion naturally happens over the course of history. It is a complicated issue to flush out because remembering history is a morally and ethically complicated dilemma. We tend to choose, whether it is on purpose or by accident, what we remember of trials. Thus, even though I was alive during Chelsea Manning’s trial and George Zimmerman’s trial, it is nearly impossible to approach these recent trials without the

Adversarial & Inquisitorial System Of Trial - Legal Studies - Essay

911 words - 4 pages Barker had moderately been treated by the judge/jury and was less prone to abuse. Although the adversarial system has its advantages, it also has its disadvantages, the adversarial system of trial used in court may lead to injustice. The adversarial litigation approach is at times criticized for setting up a system where sides on a case are required to contest with each other. This is believed by critics to encourage deception and other

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823 words - 4 pages was a boy, his left hand got torn apart by a cotton gin. So how could he rape and beat Mayella when he practically only has one hand that works. Months after Toms trial the truth about the case came out. Mayella lied to the jury, Tom didn’t rape her and he died for no reason. Would you be happy to go back to the 1900’s and treat the black people like that? Do you think anyone deserves to be treated this way. I know that’s how they got taught to treat the blacks, but it isn’t right and they definitely do not deserve to be treated that way. Lebron James is a big influence in how we should all be equal with his creating equality shoes.

Why Was Socrates Found Guilty? Was He Fairly Tried

2988 words - 12 pages of his own; he is further guilty of corrupting the young."" Facing these charges in 399 BC Socrates was brought to trial, with the prosecution led by Meletus and his two sunêgoroi (supporting prosecutors), Lycon and Anytus (a powerful politician). A jury of 501 found him guilty by a narrow margin and he was subsequently sentenced to death. But was it a just decision? The greatest problem faced in the study of Socrates is that Socrates never

Why African American people matter in today's world and the unjust ways of police - Argumentative Essay

1731 words - 7 pages of their office. But when police and prosecutors do not themselves believe a defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt for them to try to convince a jury that the evidence supports that conclusion. The Zimmerman trial is a trial that was never fully solved. In history dark was considered undesirable and white peoples goals were to keep African American people down. Even today its considered unwanted, but its falls under the term

Injustices in To Kill a Mockingbird - English - essay

1071 words - 5 pages )​. Atticus also tells Scout how she has to ignore all of the nasty things people will say to her over the course of the trial to ultimately become the better person in all of the circumstances​. ​Eventually fails at altering the views of the people of Maycomb​. However​, ​ contrary to this he manages to make Maycomb​,​ especially the jury from Tom Robinson’s trial​,​ think about their actions and the ways they can affect people​. 3 Not only does