Tricksters In Literature And Life Assignment

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People play tricks on other hapless victims all the time. Sometimes, the trickster and the victim don't even know it. It's just human nature. At least one point in almost everybody's lives, they have been the trickster or the victim of a trickster. Despite the massive amount of tricksters, they can be squished down into four categories: the troublemaker tricksters, guilty tricksters, "I must get revenge" tricksters, and the "Brer Rabbit" tricksters.The trouble maker tricksters are just that: troublemakers. This group enjoys pulling pranks and jokes just for the entertainment it produces. These tricksters usually use old-fashioned and well-known schemes, such as the water pail on the door, tack on chair, and the box of jumping snakes, as their source of fun. However, some extreme troublemaker tricksters will invent new and creative pranks to pull. While it is made up of predominantly boys, a few girls will also turn out to be troublema ...view middle of the document...

This type of trickster will seek a way out of punishment. While most will just beg for forgiveness, some will use their wily skills to escape. However do they rarely succeed. An example is the time when my brother shattered a valuable vase that my parents loved looking at. When they found out, they grounded my brother and he claimed that grounding him will not force him to be more careful and two weeks of his life would just be thrown away needlessly. However, my parents did not buy it and my brother was jailed at home.The third type of trickster is the "I must get revenge" trickster. These tricksters will do anything to humiliate their enemy. Often, they will not rest until the deed is done. Malcolm's teacher from "Malcolm in the Middle" is an example. When Malcolm corrected him on a mistake, the teacher thinks that Malcolm believes that he is smarter than the teacher. To get back at Malcolm, the teacher plans a project for him. He is to videotape Reese. Then the teacher edits the tape to deceive the viewers into thinking that Malcolm is humiliating his own retarded brother. Malcolm feels stunned by his teacher's actions. To get back at the teacher, Malcolm exposes all the humiliating things other students have done in the past.The last type of trickster is the "Brer Rabbit" trickster. This is the ultimate type of trickster. Tricksters in this category are clever, smart, and fawning. They have the ability to disguise their motives for something else. Uncle Remus's Brer Rabbit is famous for his quick thinking and wit. He tricked Brer Fox into giving him a ride to a birthday party by pretending to be sick. When Fox believed he persuaded Rabbit to go, Rabbit requested horse riding material to be put on Brer Fox. While Fox was retrieving all the materials, Brer Rabbit put on spurs. When Rabbit spurred Fox, Fox galloped away as fast as a horse.Almost everybody has been a victim of a trickster or a trickster themselves. There are many tricksters around us, doing their duty. Even so-called nerds and serious teachers can be troublemaker tricksters. Despite the number of tricksters, there are four types: troublemaker, guilty, "I must get revenge", and "Brer Rabbit" tricksters.


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