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Trojan War Essay

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The Trojan War took place over 3,000 years ago, when Ancient Greeks didn't call themselves Greeks yet. The war was between and the city and allies of Troy and the Greek city-states. Legend has it, that the three goddesses, Aphrodite (Goddess of Love), Athena (Goddess of Wisdom) and Hera (Queen of the gods) had a dispute. They all proclaimed themselves as the most beautiful of Gods and they decided they would have a beauty pageant to find out who was the most beautiful. They selected Paris, who was the son of Priam, the King of Troy, as the judge.All three of the goddesses decided they wanted to win the pageant even by prophecy. They all bribed him. Hera promised him the absolute rule over Europe and Asia, Athena offered to ...view middle of the document...

When Menelaus was out, he stole Helen from Menelaus and took her to his home in Troy at the time. (Many other versions say that Paris persuaded Helen to go with him to Troy!) When Menelaus found out, he was out for revenge. He desperately wanted Helen back. He asked the rest of the Greek city-states for help to avenge the capturing of his beautiful wife. Before long, he received one thousand ships to sail in his favor.Artemis, a god, was upset that a Greek had slain one of her hares, Agamemnon, Commander in chief of the Greek city-states, was forced to sacrifice his daughter Iphigenia, so that the journey would not be as treacherous as Artemis might have made it.The Greek Army was strong and equally so was the Trojan Army. The War lasted for nine years with victories on each side. Achilles was the bravest Greek warrior defeated the bravest warrior from the Trojan side, Hector. After Achilles battled Hector to his death, Achilles was stuck by Paris, one of Hector's brother, in his most vulnerable place, his heel. This hurt Achilles who was then killed by Paris.Later in the war, Philkoktetes a close friend of Achilles killed Paris. This made the Trojans weaker, but still refused to give up Helen. Then Odysseus, another mighty Greek soldier from Ithaca, came up with an idea. The Greeks created a horse, which had men inside, to fool the Trojans into thinking it was a gift from the Gods. When the Trojans took it in, they left it outside at night. Then the Greeks got out and opened the gates of troy to the other Greeks who stayed behind. Then they slaughtered the city of Troy. No male was left alive. They killed any Trojan in site. By the end of this surprise attack, the Greeks had recaptured Helen and had beaten the Trojans.

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