Truman Forensics Showcase Response Paper

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The Truman Forensics Showcase was very interesting. When I sat down before
the showcase started, I expected to fall asleep after a long day in my classes. I assumed
I would listen to some well-thought-out and well-researched speeches, but they would
not be very entertaining. I found out quickly that my first assumptions were very wrong.
The speakers performed well in the speeches at The Truman Forensics Showcase, and
it was straightforward for me to get drawn in. During the showcase, I noticed the little
things the speakers were doing, and I thought about how I could incorporate them into
my speeches. While I did this, I also noted stuff I didn't like, which was minimal because
I was blown away by the speaker's performance.

There were many things that the speakers did that I liked. The first
speakers were a duo that seemed well-rehearsed. The first time they said a
sentence simultaneously, I was baffled. My confusion made me focus
more on what they were saying. There were other moments where the duo did somebody's
movements in sync with one another; at one point in the speech, they pretended to shoot a
gun with their binders. The way they did these movements perfectly synced with one another
was nothing like I had ever seen before.

While there were many things that I liked, I tried to listen closely to what the
speakers were trying to argue and ended up being unimpressed by some things. The
speech given by the duo speakers seemed confusing to me at certain moments
because I had some trouble figuring out what they were arguing in favor of. This is
because sometimes one of the speakers would use a sarcastic tone when giving an
answer as to why someone would want to keep guns but then a sarcastic answer as to
why we should ban guns. I enjoyed the entertainment in their speech but in my opinion
that is what made it hard to understand what was being argued. I think I didnt connect
with what the speakers were saying because of the trouble I was having but it didnt
prevent me from enjoying their speech.

The second speaker flintstones girl had a really interesting speech as well, but
there were some things that made it hard for me to connect with her. I didnt feel like
she did a good job convincing the audience why we should care that the flintstones
comic is being written different than it was before. I believe that it is a really important
part of a speech to convince the audience as to why we should care. Because of the
fact that I had trouble seeing why I should care about a comic book meant that I didnt
feel as moved by her speech.

Going into this showcase I intended to observe the styles and strategies the
speakers used and put them into my speaking. Right away it was clear how well
rehearsed all of the speakers were, especially the two that gave ...

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