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Interpreting Texts Assignment
1. The photographs on Trumps website are all very similar viewing his own rally’s and success, while on Justin Trudeau’s website he shows casual pictures of himself helping the community while being a father at the same time. For example, on Trumps website his pictures are showing him wearing his suit, which shows that he only cares about his campaign and himself. He is also shown pictured with many veterans and police officers of different races and ethnicity’s, but on public television he is shamed upon for his offensive comments racially, which contradicts how he sees himself. Lastly, all his pictures have himself standing on the podium talking to large groups of people to convey a message of power. With these three realizations its clear to see that Trump cares more about his public appearances and the fact that he knows he is a powerful person and uses these series of pictures to portray that image to the max. Now when we take a look at Trudeau’s website the first thing you see is him dressed just like a normal person interacting with a family. With the picture he’s got the words teacher, father, advocate, and leader. All are traits that anyone without fame can have; you can tell he is very humble and not showing off much. Secondly, he is showing pictures of him with kids and adults learning, interacting with his citizens and showing that he cares. The pictures of him teaching also show that he understands today’s society and how kids think these days, something that some people are unaware of. He is a proud father and his pictures definitely show us that. He is shown happy with his wife and child, and while being the prime minister of Canada it shows he’s a very wise man juggling his massive workload and still having not only family time but also time with other people as well. Lastly, with his pictures you can tell that he is beyond grateful for what he has done in life so far but portrays that in a great way. His pictures represent someone who you can trust and relate to in life for his many non-famous characteristics and connections with a variety of people.
2. The type of information do vary massively between Trump and Trudeau, starting with Trump you can tell he lists all of his greatest life achievements straight up to the reader. For example, he states, “Mr. Trump has over 7 million followers on social media.” Something that doesn’t really matter at all towards him being the president of the United States but to him it’s a big deal. Secondly, he is very cocky when speaking about himself. The first line states, “Donald J. Trump is the very definition of the American success story.” When you’re the president is it really necessary to say that, proves that he is full of himself and cocky while doing so. Lastly, the biggest paragraph talks about his Trump brand buildings, Trump hotel, Trump golf course, etc… Now lets think if any other USA president had this much advertisement and time to spend branding ...


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