Trumps Presidency And Building A Wall Mansfield University, Composition 1 Research Paper

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David G. Plouse Jr.
March 2, 2017
Composition 1
Opinion Essay
Building a Wall.
During Trump’s presidential campaign, he promised Americans that he would build a wall at the Mexican and American border to keep illegal immigrants out of America and that he would get Mexico to pay for the cost of building the wall. The wall will cost America billions of dollars to construct. Building the wall would slowly destroy the American economy. The wall shouldn’t be built and we should instead find an alternate way of dealing with our illegal immigration problem.
Given the amount of debt we have as a nation already. America has over twenty trillion dollars of debt which is the largest in the world and is climbing at an alarming rate. Building a wall would just add to the amount of national debt we have and would hinder many of our past attempts to lower our debt.
It’s not just economically unwise to build a wall due to how much it would cost us but also rash of us to try to keep illegal immigrants out. Now I know most people would say “they come to our country and take good jobs away from us”. Now that’s not true. Yes, illegals come to America and take jobs but they take the ones that most American’s don’t want. Let me ask you something. Have you ever seen an illegal working a desk job or any other form of job that requires a good education and clear documentation to work there? The answer is no you haven’t and the reason is that’s because they take the low paying labor intense under the table jobs that requires them to travel and work under difficult conditions. What American would want a job like that.
It’s not that Mexican love manual labor. The fact is they probably dislike it as much as we do. They take manual labor jobs like farming because they pay three times more then what they could get in Mexico. If surgeons or orthodontists could make three times more then what they earn now by being a tomato farmer in Mexico, then you could bet people would go to Mexico and there would be no shortage of farmers there.
More importantly is the fact that many businesses in America rely on these undocumented immigrants to fill their work force due to the lack of Americans that don’t want to work labor intense jobs. If the government was to just build a wall to keep out illegals it would create a shortage in the manual labor job section. This means less help for farmers which would lead to less food production due to a lack of help to gather crops and over all less profit for the American government.
Even if the wall was built there is no evidence that proves it would keep people from sneaking into our country. At the best it would slow down immigration for a short time but it would eventually pick back...


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