Trust: The Bedrock Of The Profession Army Chemical Captain's Career Course Persuasion Essay

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In order to ethically build and lead a company size team, leaders must establish trust. The Army defines trust as the bedrock of its profession. General Dempsey uses words like “defining element” and “used to overcome… and endure”. Charles Green writing for Forbes says, “Leaders can no longer trust in power; instead, they rely on the power of trust”. The information following this introduction explains why trust is essential by explaining what it is and how it integrates it into other elements of the profession.
What is trust, this so-called bedrock? The dictionary defines bedrock as “unbroken solid rock; bottom layer, any firm foundation or basis”. In parallel response, a foundation is the basis or groundwork of anything. Trust, therefore, is the groundwork of leadership; it is the confidence and reliance of something. It relates to all sizes of teams not just at the company level.
Within the Army, external trust is the confidence and faith that the American people have in the Army to serve the Nation ethically, effectively, and efficiently. Internal trust is reliance on the character, competence, and commitment of Army professionals to live by and uphold the Army Ethic. Removing trust from the Army profession would be like removing the battery from a system. Trust is what keeps the machine of the Army running. It is a fragile piece, however.
The American people constantly watch the Army. They are looking for living examples of the values and ethics the Army is to uphold. Leaders and followers must exhibit trust. A cohesive team demonstrates dedication to the Army Ethic by decision-making and acting according to those values. This is applicable even when the toughest of challenges arise. Disciplined professionals complete the tasks to, and many times above, the standard. Whenever actions go against the Army Ethic is when trust is lost. This can happen at any level. Leadership needs to step in to address and mend the trust. Otherwise, even more trust will be lost.
Leaders develop trust with Soldiers in leading by example dur...


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