Try A New Recipe Summer Reading Assignment Macaroon Recipe Included Seekonk High School/2021 Assignment

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Try a new recipe!
With parental permission/ support, research a recipe to try. Make a plan for when you will make the recipe and either make a recording or write a paragraph about the experience.
This summer one of the activities that I chose to do was try a new recipe. I decided to try and make macaroons. To be honest, I had never tried to make macaroons before, I never even tasted one before but I heard that they were good, and hard to make. I had always wanted to eat a macaroon, and what's a better way to do it by making it yourself!
The first thing that I had to start was the batter. The ingredients consisted of egg whites, white sugar, confectioners sugar (powdered sugar), and finely ground almonds. I had to ground up the almonds and sift it together with the powdered sugar. Next, I mixed together the white sugar and egg whites in a large bowl I mixed for what felt like hours in my mind until the batter was fluffy. This batter reminded me of how I usually make whipped cream. It was tempting to just eat the batter itself but I knew if I did I would get sick and I would not have any more ingredients for the macaroons. Then, I had to carefully fold the almond and powdered sugar mix into the fluffy egg whites. After mixing the ingredients together, the whole kitchen smelt like a robust almond candle.
Next I would have to transfer the fluffy batter onto the baking tray to put into the oven. To do this, I used a large spoon to scoop even amounts of batter on the baking sheets. After scooping the batter onto a baking sheet I let it sit for about an hour. I was completely stupefied by what happened next. The scoops of batter had formed a crusty hard top layer. I was amazed that this happened to this by adding nothing but time! Then I set the oven to 400 degrees and put the tray in the oven to bake, and set a timer...

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