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Twins For Life Essay

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Hey my name is Sarah"¦but yasmin too. Weird? Not if you are an identical twin. On July 7. 1983, I was born in a hospital in Belgium. My sister arrived thirteen minutes later. We grew up in Belgium but we were not the same as everyone else. When we met people in the streets they would always pay more attention to us than to my brother. Even strangers would stare at us because we were identical, so much so that sometimes I wasn't even sure f I was Sarah or yasmin.Years passed and we started to develop some ...view middle of the document...

She explained later that she saw us like that because I was always wearing loose clothes and not really caring about how I looked while yasmin was meticulously selecting her clothes and taking care that she looked nice. So her view of us made sense.Although we were twins and we could easily confuse people, we didn't try. I heard stories about other twins who changed clothes in the middle of a school day and would then pretend that one was the other. We didn't do that. I regret that now since we wouldn't be able to do it today because we aren't identical anymore. It's an opportunity missed.Now everything is going to be different. People will no longer confuse me with Yasmin. They will see me as one person, unaware that there is another me somewhere. College is really going to be different. We will not be together anymore after studying in the same school for our entire lives. We will be individuals. We will be on our own. Its going to be weird not having her around. And who knows what's going to happen after college? We might even live in different countries. That's still a mystery, but I'm glad that now I only have one name. Just call me Sarah

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