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Two Prominent Figures Of The Literature As Well As Philosophy : Franz Kafka And Albert Camus Based On "The Metamorphosis" And "The Guest" Respectively

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In this essay, I want to compare and contrast two prominent figures of the literature as well as philosophy : Franz Kafka and Albert Camus based on The Metamorphosis and The Guest respectively. The structure of the paper will be as follows: My analysis will be include both the short summaries in the political and social framework in which the stories were written and the person alities of the authers were formed and this paper will also include the philosphical presuppositions intrinsic to the stories.Kafka on whom a voluminous literature has been written is identified with melancholy, loneliness, anxiety, alienation, sense of guilt in the popular memory.In "Kafka For Beginners"(p. 3-28), ...view middle of the document...

I think transformation into a vermin is a methaphor- like concept representing the increasing alienation from the responsibilities and determinations of the twentieth century society and the feeling of hopelesness and nothingless which can be resembled to Camus's existentialism.There is a famous saying of Camus that " if you are not able to overcome the wall just leave under it like a dog". Continuing and inescapable suffering of the dog and the vermin can be seen a similar responses of the two writers. Kafka's heros' self-conscious quest to fit into some meaningful structure, their ceaseless attempt to do the right thing when there is no rational way of knowing what that is the very picture of absurdity and alienation that existentialist philosopheras and writers examined during and after World War 2. (Norton Antology page:1688)Camus, as an existentialist philospher and writer, wrote Exile and Kingdom( The Guest included in this book) in 1954, after World War 2 and during the Algerian Anti-Colonical War against France. Camus was born in 1913 in Algeria. His father was a worker and his mother was illiterate and deaf. He was a member of theAlgerian Communist Party until 1937 when he was thrown out of the party.In the Guest, he gives a detailed account of both the geographical and colonical environment of the period. He describes the living conditions of Daru- a French school master and the poverty of the other people living in the desert. On the blackboard, the four rivers of France drawn with four different colored chalks have been flowing toward their estuaries for the past three days. Camus might have drawn attention to the education system in Algeria in the colonial period. Then Daru watches a Corsican old gendarme named Balducci and an Arab with blue jellaba walking behind Balducci with hands bound and had lowered. Balducci wants Daru to hand the Arab to the police department because he was in a hurry due to lack of people in El Ameur to patrol through out the whole territory of a small department in the war time. Daru asks if Arab was against the French Government and Balducci answers as " We can not be sure". However Daru does not want to hand the Arab over although he feels a sudden wrath against all men of this kind.Until here, the story may seem as a social realist one but the allienation aspect comes into picture after this the prisoner Arab is not delivered and stays with Daru in the scool. Daru after, Balducci leaves starts to think about to solitude and silence in the plateau; wastelands peopled only by stories........... This is the way it was, bare rock covered three quarters of the region. Towns spreng up, flourished, then disappeared; men come by, loved each other or fought bitterly, then died, no one in the desert...

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