Two Scenes From Claude Lanzmann's Shoah: A Textual Analysis

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1st scene (2 min 47 sec)The scene opens with the camera slowly closing in on a white surveillance van whilst a voice is singing (in German) a motivation song created by an SS guard in Buchenwald about heading towards an ideological goal involving a small village, Treblinka. The audience is made aware of the singer's identity by a simple white text on the screen: 'Franz Suchomel, SS Unterscharfuhrer'. The camera then cuts to two men presumably inside the van just viewed. They are watching various blue screens. All the while the audio of the song continues. Void of emotion Suchomel goes on to talk about the history of the song and how Jewish work detail prisoners were taught the song ...view middle of the document...

As in the opening scene of the film, simple white text appears 'Abraham Bomba (Israel)'. There is just six seconds shy of a full minute of silence in the way of speech. Perhaps Lanzmann begins this scene with such silence to command the audience's full attention. This interview is conducted in English. Bomba relates how he was a barber and that because of this, while in Treblinka he was chosen along with others to be in a work detail, cutting the hair of people moments before they were to be gassed.Throughout his testimony Bomba's voice slightly breaks now and then - a sign of the immense pressure he may be exerting to control his voice. Lanzmann wants an emotive response from Bomba; he wants to catch on film just what the horror of the holocaust has done to individuals that survived. This is evident in his repetitive questions "what did you feel?" and "what was your impression?" etc. When Bomba finally replies to these questions, the door to his emotions has been pushed a little further open and his countenance becomes more agitated as he tries to relate the horror of watching his friends, relatives and fellow human beings being sent to death.Bomba then explains the terrible predicament of not being able to tell the victims anything, for the Nazi's were always present. The scene ends with Bomba stating "…they tried to do ...


Journal Analysis of A Tale Of Two Cities - English - Analysis Paper

740 words - 3 pages be red upon many there.” ( Dickens 28 ) In the passage of “A Tale Of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens found in Book the First Chapter 5 demonstrates the desperation of the people in France. Dickens illustrate the desperation of the people by describing how they slurped and drank the spilled wine despite it being on the dirty ground. This was shown in “the forehead of the woman who nursed her baby, was stained” (Dickens 28). The women is shown to

A Character Analysis Of Hugo's Javert, From Les Miserables

1332 words - 6 pages Character Analysis of Hugo's JavertHugo's character Javert sees anyone who may have commit a crime as simple as the theft of a loaf of bread as a social malefactor, a blight on all of society, a prime evil who needs to be eliminated, removed from the general population, and a devil that can be neither reformed nor tamed. Javert is the true rationalist. Like Medieval philosophers, he believes that people will naturally resort to evil, and that

A Well-Lighted Place: Loneliness and the Meaning of Life - brooklyn college - analysis of two stories

1435 words - 6 pages is inevitable and that meaning in life is ambiguous and personal. In the beginning of the short story we are introduced to each of the characters. An old man is pictured in a cafe and two waiters (one old and one young), who speculate about the old man and his life. We learn that the old man attempted suicide and that he is a widower. The two waiters react differently; the young one with facetious indifference and the other with sympathy. The

Sammy from A&P character analysis essay - English 1302 - Character analysis

912 words - 4 pages identify with a symbol. A symbol can be anything from a person, objects, action, place or event that has a meaning. The things that symbolize Sammy are “bathing suits” and “Herring snacks”. “ She had on a kind of dirty-pink —beige maybe, I don’t know— bathing suit with a little nubble all over it, and what got me the straps were down.”(Updike 161) “There was a chunky one with a two-piece—it was bright green and the seems on the bra were still sharp and

Sample rhetorical analysis of King letter from a Birmingham Jail - UBC - Assignment

2226 words - 9 pages say, fails to express a similar concern for the conditions that brought about the demonstrations. I am sure that none of you would want to rest content with the superficial kind of social analysis that deals merely with effects and does not grapple with underlying causes. It is unfortunate that demonstrations are taking place in Birmingham, but it is even more unfortunate that the city's white power structure left the Negro community with no

select a character from La Yuma, and perform an analysis of your chosen character’s gender - CAS 115 - Movie analysis

1262 words - 6 pages , aggressive, and bold. In Florence jaguey film “La Yuma” the main character; Virginia which we know her as “Yuma” is a strong disobedient girl from Nicaragua. Who is trying to make a living as a boxer, but people tend to not support her and are challenging her gender identity. Virginia’s woman qualities are challenged in negative and positive locations throughout the film, including the gym, Scarlet’s boutique, and the circus

A Close Analysis Of An Extract From Television Text Drawn From The Sitcom Genre: Friends, The One With All The Cheesecakes, Series 7 Episode 11

1403 words - 6 pages The American television sitcom "Friends" is by genre an ensemble sitcom it follows the everyday lives of six twenty something's living in New York, who are all friends. Although by definition a sitcom the show has established soap elements such as an ongoing storyline and example in this episode is phoebe's ex-boyfriend David from the first series reappearing there is a bleeding over of storylines from series to series. This is known as open

A Historical Analysis On The Study Of Optics From Pre-Socratic Times Through The Age Of Newton. By Adam R

4219 words - 17 pages classical natural philosophers' was optics, or the study of light and vision. The word "optics" is derived from the Greek word for eye, "ops". We know that the ancient Greeks were studying optics over two thousand years ago, and that they spent a good deal of effort in trying to understand this faculty. The natural philosophers of this era found a great interest in optics due to the fields inherent properties. Light, as viewed by the ancient

Charles from “A Visit to Grandmother” by William Melvin Kelley - High School Senior English Course - Character Analysis

601 words - 3 pages English Couse “A Visit to Grandmother” by William Melvin Kelley Character Analysis: Charles Childhood. For most, this word brings happy memories of a time where life was simple and without worry. Though for some, this word has a negative connotation that reminds them of their long, hard struggle to finally be able to leave and support yourself. A childhood is the basis of a person's thoughts, actions, and words. It shapes them into the person

Analysis of 'Song from a secret garden' - School - Research Paper

486 words - 2 pages Song from a secret Garden The piece ‘A song from a Secret Garden’ composed by Rolf Løvland is in the key of C minor which creates a sad and calming mood. The notes are mainly in a stepwise motion within the C minor scale creating consonance. This piece is played with the combination of the violin (Arco) and piano, the violin is the melody line while the piano is plays chords. The piano is the harmonic accompaniment outlining the chordal tone

The Little Prince: analysis the story from a Roggerian perspective. - Existencialism - Research paper

555 words - 3 pages prince is a dreamer, he likes to play with the imagination creating surreal worlds, characters, and situations. Creativity and fun are basic to be able to have an open and innovative mind. Creative people come out in search of new experiences, ask the right questions, observe what surrounds them and deter from their own convictions. Adult book characters have lost their simplicity, they do not know how to have fun, they are serious and bored. They

holden's struggle with socializing - class - Outline

549 words - 3 pages The Catcher in the Rye- by J.D. Salinger Essay Guidelines DIRECTIONS: You will be writing a 5-paragraph essay in MLA format that focuses on the following question: What does Holden struggle with, and how does that affect his life? You must use textual examples from all three sections of the book that was read (in other words, all textual examples cannot be from just one section). Follow the guidelines below to help format your essay. NOTE: A

Government Should not Reduce Funding for Art - The University of Sheffield - Assignment

2972 words - 12 pages ). The museum, using subsidized funds to purchase relevant collections and materials from private sources, is famous for its collections, which at the same time help the museum attracts more audiences. For example,the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum purchased the Shoah outtakes from Claude Lanzmann on October 11, 1996 (The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum 2018), which can relate to the social reasons for government-subsidized art in

Comparison of Environmental Artists - canley vale high school - essay

1426 words - 6 pages love framing the work as well with my own eyes.” This quote differentiate him from the three artists mentioned earlier on. Conclusively, through various artworks that these artists have created, we can see a creation of meaning through their use of different materials and techniques during the art process. ​Andy Goldsworthy, Christo and Jeanne Claude, and Spencer Tunick has two things in similar. Firstly, their work of art involved nature and the

Impressionist Artist

660 words - 3 pages Free ’s studio, and met with Vincent Van Gogh. Lautrec’s body of work often featured scenes from brothels. He was well respected for his art at the time of his death in 1901. His most famous works are those related with the Moulin Rouge.Pissarro- Camille Pissarro was a French Impressionist painter born in 1830. As a boy, Camille spoke French at home, English, and Spanish. His parents sent him to Paris at age 12 to a small boarding school. It