Two Sides, One Coin Creative Writing Piece. Year 11 Creative Writing

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Two sides, one coin
Tears cascading down my face like a never-ending stream of despair and sadness. Nobody knew the cause for these tears, well not yet anyway. When they find out however, it will be too late to stop them. My tears will be blended in with the swirly waters that sit below. On this bridge I stood, pen in one hand and paper in the other hand. Inscribed onto the paper were scribbles that revealed my deepest emotions, secrets of how wrong my life turned out to be and why I couldn’t face my existence and the trials of life any longer. It held the main contributor to this tragic decision; however indirect it was. It also held forgiveness, the type that is unforgettable.
Drops of the salty liquid poured from my eyes and onto the page, the words appeared from the pen in an uncomfortable manner. There was a good chance that this note would be picked up and blown away by the wind, as if nothing ever happened, like I never happened. This however would most likely still be the case even if the note was found. I live in a world where only materialistic things mater, a world where humans have eyes but are still blind, a world that continues to indulge in the unrealistic aspects of a person’s body, mind and soul. And so, I live in a world that if I decide to leave today, there will not be a soul that will care about why it is that I left and why it is that so many before me have left too.
I lay the note onto the pavement, turning its contents faced to the ground as it is only held down by the pen that was used to write onto it. I turned to face the edge with the rail still there to stop me from falling. For the last few minutes I wanted to be at peace, something that I hadn’t experienced in what seems to be eternity. The city in front of me was lit up, I felt a sense of freedom for one moment, a true beauty I must say. However, that isn’t something I am able to say about the people that dwelled within it. They were far last then that. As the minutes passed by, I was almost certain that the note would have been picked up and blown away, checking that it was still there was not a problem because there was no point in doing so. Nobody would have had sight on it.
Grasping the cool metal bar in my hand, I hauled myself over the railing and stood trembling as the cold breeze travelled up and down my spine. There I stood on the thin ledge, trying to balance as it didn’t offer much support or comfort. The water danced beneath me, startling me and nearly causing me to lose my balance and fall below. If I was going to fall I was going to fall on my own terms. After regaining my balance, I sighed and closed my eyes so all I could see was complete darkness. The darkness lit up my thoughts, allowing me to travel back in time and relive my past, the good, the bad and the sinister. In the past I used to dwell on those memories which would result to crying myself to sleep and sometimes even doing the unthinkable. But in this moment, none of th...


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