Type 2 Diabetes In Young Adults - Lincoln College/ Eng 102 - Research Paper

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Type 2 diabetes
Type 2 diabetes
Shalyn McLean
Lincoln College
This paper was prepared for English 102 taught by Professor Hyde.
Type 2 Diabetes
Type 2 diabetes is when your pancreas has trouble making enough or too much insulin. Diabetes
can cause dehydration, hunger and swelling of the legs. Blood and urine test are what doctors use
to identify and diaganose. Type 2 diabetes can be treated with insulin in the form of pills and
liquid pens. People can live an almost normal life with type 2 diabetes if proberly treated and
cared for. The future of diabetes is getting very close with new ideas and treatments to be
testesed every year.
Type 2 Diabetes
Everyone thinks a few snacks foods and Sodas are fine to binge, and it is when in
moderation. Eating right can either make or break you when you get sick. There are records of
people who have completely changed their lifestyles and they made their bodies stronger with
eating healthy and fought some serious illnesses. If you do not wanna change eating styles for
yourself change for the family and friends who love you. Living a long and healthy starts with
what you put in your body because type 2 diabetes spares no man or woman. Whether you
develop it are born with it, diabetes is a serious disease that food has a large impact in.
What is Type 2 Diabetes?
Type 2 diabetes is when the body can not pull glucose out of the blood stream and over
time making it deadly to have, in some less common style of the disease the body does not have
enough insulin and requires a pump or frequent injections.​ ​Diabetes mellitus (2011) says, The
bood level of glucose (‘sugar’) necessary to make the amount required by the tissues is regulated
bt the hormone insulin, (para. 1). In other words your body can not function properly without
regular glucose levels. This process in the body when the glucose in the body is too high is called
hyperglycemia. On a molecular level doctors and scientist still do not know what causes this to
happen. During the digestion process food is broken down, carbohydrates are turned into simple
sugars mostly glucose. Glucose is also important energy for cells to function properly, in a
normal person the glucose leaves the blood and goes into said cells.
Type 2 Diabetes
Type 2 diabetes can be a trait passed down from parents to child, even if you are not
born with it you have a high chance of getting disease with a poor diet and n exercise for long
periods of time. Rapoza (2017) states, Type 2 diabetes runs in families. Obesity increases the risk
of diabetes (para. 6). Basically Rapoza is saying eat right or raise your chances to develop the
disease whether your family susceptible or not, because anyone can get it.
In persons with type 2 diabetes the cells resist the insulin and it builds up in the blood.
This is called insulin resistance. In insulin resistance the pancreas responds by making a lot more
of the insulin the body is requesting. Over time the pancr...

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