Types Of Pollution And Solutions - Social Studies Grade 11 - Essay

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Types Of Pollution and Solutions
Definition​ - The pollution we can definitively from the definition of the
polluter, the polluter is a material impact or lead to a change in the
rate of growth of the species in the environment interfere with the
health, comfort, toxins enter into the food chain or with the values of
society. Also, we know that this pollutant enter into the environment
from waste, trash, by products Industries or certain activities of human
and that cause usually dissipate energy. In addition, the pollution
causing damage to the functions of the class dynamic that surround
the earth. We can express the pollution damage in four points. First,
the damage in agricultural crops, plants, water, soil and animals.
Second, the damage to the human health through pollution of air, soil
and food with chemicals and other radioactive. Third, the damage to
the aesthetic aspects of the environment such as waste, garbage,
smoke and dust. Fourth, the damage that doesn't appear impact only
after a long time, but with a cumulative effect, such as cancers
(substances that cause cancer) and this is an important reason.
Types of Pollution
1. Food Contamination:​ that the use of pesticides and fertilizers
cause adverse health and economic food used by human and that
caused the contamination of food.
2. Air Pollution:​ Air pollution is coming from several sources such as
the various activities of the human being or natural sources and
causes the human in most of the air pollution by waste and sewage,
oil and its derivatives and radioactive materials and the nature is
causing earthquakes, floods, storms and this results in damage to
different system environments.
3. Water pollution:​ water pollution is due to industrial development
and special toxic gases that come out of the factories and harmful
substances that are thrown in the water, such as sewage and
chemical cleaners and metal elements, and this results in the
destruction of drinking water and making water unusable.
4. Radioactive contamination:​ radioactive contamination is one of
the most dangerous environmental pollutants used by humans and it
is different from the rest of polluta...

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