U1 Ac 3.1 Roles & Responsibilities Ptlls Level 3 Ptlls

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U1 AC 1.1
U1 AC1.1
U1 AC 1.1
What is my role as a teacher?
As a teacher, one of my main roles is to deliver accredited training courses in the subject of mechanical joint integrity to an awarding body and company standard to students who are already currently employed or are seeking employment within the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors. My main role is to train and motivate students to develop their abilities and aspire them to learn and ensure that they are competent in their chosen field to an industry standard in our approved training and educational facility. My role is not just about educating our students in their subject but also to prepare them for assessment in both theoretical as well as practical scenarios before they go to a particular site or installation should they gain employment in their chosen field.
The focus of my role also relates to inspiring our students to develop their personal and professional skills to the best of their ability and ultimately enable them to understand how to take responsibility for their own development. This is carried out by planning and preparing course activities that take into account the needs and skill levels of the individual students and where applicable, groups of delegates with varying levels of experience and skills.
I must also be aware of my boundaries and responsibilities as a technical training instructor in order to carry out my role effectively and efficiently.
Some of the key areas within my role are typically:
· Conducting an initial assessment upon commencement of the course by way of a multiple choice questions sheet or verbal questions and physical assessments.
· Promote safe working practices to reassure students that their health, safety and wellbeing throughout the duration of the course is paramount.
· Being extremely organised before candidates attend as well as throughout the duration of the course.
· Being able to turn something negative during the learning process into something positive such as learning from any mistakes that may have been unintentionally made.
· Actively encourage students to ask questions during the course as well as taking regular breaks for students to engage in regular Q&A sessions.
· Conduct myself in a manner with students that is both clear, professional and easy to understand.
· Introduction about myself and my experiences in previous employment in the oil and gas sector as my previous employment role relates directly to the course, which should help to break the ice with my students and encourage them, if possible to introduce and talk about themselves and their experiences in a subject that they feel comfortable discussing.
What are my responsibilities as a teacher?
My primary role as a teacher is to ensure that my students are signed onto the correct course that meets their requirements, needs and abilities as well as the accreditation that they may require for a specific role in their employment.
Due to my role catering for various lev...


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