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Ucas Personal Statment For A Social Worker

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A career in social work predominantly appealed to me, as I believe it to be a challenging and rewarding vocation, offering an opportunity to help others. I have always wanted to contribute to society in a productive and valuable way, and it is with these aspirations that I have acquired a keen interest in social work.I have gained invaluable experience and skills whilst I was studying at darul ullom Islamic boarding school, during my time at the boarding school I hade been made a senior prefect in my final years . Seeing to the needs of 200-250 students aged between 12-25, particularly those who are new or from overseas has enabled me to develop my interpersonal skills and strengthened my capacity and persistence as well as other core skills.Acknowledging my exemplary conduct and my approachability the institute had actively encouraged ...view middle of the document...

I applied for University placement at the University of central Lancashire, where I have attended an interview, unfortunately due to lack of vocational experience in the care sector field I was unsuccessful to secure a place.There after I acquired practical experience within the care sector field by acquainting my self to an organisation known as Cross Roads Caring for Carers.Caring for people who are mentally or physically disable has given me plenty of experience and a better understanding of Social Work and the role of a Social Worker, which has motivated me excessively to pursuit my career as a Social worker.Because social work is about engaging in sociological evaluation and intervention, in my current access course at The Tower Hamlets College, I have chosen Sociology and Anthropology along side the core modules. In Sociology I am learning important theories relating to human behaviour and attitudes. In anthropology I am learning about human societies and how to understand cultural differences without being ethnocentric or judgemental. Both sociology and anthropology will give me a strong and deep knowledge, skills and value base to become an effective social worker. Other than Sociology and Anthropology, I am also studying the core subjects: reflective practice, which covers social work; English, Mathematics and Academic skills. In reflective practice, I am learning about knowledge, skills and values of social work and the importance of the National Occupational Standards guidelines.I know that university is going to be very challenging but I am very confident that I'll do well. This is because I am very enthusiastic about the social work degree and I believe the key to success is confidence, commitment and enthusiasm, all of which I have.

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