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Yasmin Hodges
Unit 27;Understanding Health and Safety
Within this report, I will be explaining the legal requirements and regulations for ensuring the health, safety and security, of those employed by Sainsbury's business. Then I will be, describing the requirements for a healthy and safe workplace, as well as assessing the implications of health, safety and security legalisation and regulations for a business role in a workplace environment.
Main Report-
Chosen Organisation- Sainsbury's supermarket.
Within this organisaton, there are many health and safety rules and regulations that Sainsbury's employers must follow within the workforce. Every organisation must follow the laws of health and safety to maintain that their business is safe and following the right regulations to keep not only their employers but also their business safe.
Starting off with the, Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, in 1999. This act, also known as the 'Management Regs', came about in 1993. This law makes sure that workers are provided with information and training on occupational health and safety . Therefore this means that Sainsbury's, must comply to this law, to ensure the health and safety of employees. Example's of this include, 'Safety in Meat and Poultry production'. This is very important, as the safety of meat and poultry is a paramount important. Therefore meaning, contaminated meat or poultry products present health hazards to the consumers and employees. This is also linked in with the fact that, contaminated products will carry; bacteria, viruses and potentially parasites.
Not only that but, Sainsbury's staff get taught under policy following the Health and Safety management of work regulations how to; correctly use wheelchair access, lifts and helpers. Also, carparks have to be checked regularly for trolley hazards. This also includes; customer fire exits being cleared at all times, shelves being stacked at the lowest they can be to prevent falling onto customers or employees. Also, the toilets must get checked regularly for staff and customers. Along with that, substances and solvents must be kept in unreachable areas for children's safety, meaning they must be on a higher shelf.
The human resources team in Sainsbury's, has to be closely and carefully monitored at all times. This is because the HR team must comply with a significant amount of legalisaiton, meaning they have a safety policy. This is a legal requirement under the 'Management of health and safety at work regulations act', meaning that the Sainsbury's HR team must ensure that, they are following the aims of 'Sainsbury's' in relation to the health and safety of employees.
Sainsbury’s HR also have their own codes of practice, which is unique to Sainsbury's teams, as all different businesses have their own. This portrays what employees should do in an event of an emergency, such as a fire or a bomb scare etc. Not only that, it also states how to...

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