Understanding Professional Supervision Practice Level 5 Diploma In Leadership Essay

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[Unit 31] Understanding Professional Supervision Practice
Supervisions are vital in the work place, they are key in supporting staff thought their role and career path. A supervision is a chance to discuss progression in performance, conduct issues and to identify any training needs. It is also a chance for a manager to get to know the member of staff and build a relationship, this is especially useful when matching customers to staff such as shared interests, personality and capability. A supervision gives the manager the chance to ensure that the member of staff is up to date with Scope Policies and Procedures and any new strategies and visions. It is a manager’s responsibility to check the welfare of the member of staff, not only physically but mentally as well, it is a time to discuss working hours and to ensure that the member of staff isn’t being over worked and at risk from burn out and to make sure that they are taking appropriate Annual Leave to avoid this. Supervisions are a time to discuss customers and for the member of staff to update the Manager with any information. It is a time to reflect on practice, I ask four questions at the beginning of the supervision which highlights this:-
What has gone well since your last supervision?
What I or the manager could have done differently.
What are you pleased about since your last supervision?
What are you concerned about?
These questions lead to discussion on practice and how to improve, but also a time to reflect on what has gone well, good news stories and for the manager to pass on compliments and praise, this is vital in supporting a member of staff.
All supervisions are documented, these are written up by the manager and forwarded to the member of staff for reading, they are asked to sign to confirm that they are happy with what has been written and also to agree to any actions that had been agreed during the supervision. These actions protect the manager as they have written evidence of any conduct issues that were discussed and what has been agreed to address them, they also protect the member of staff as they also have proof of what has been said and approved. An example of this could be that a member of staff has requested Annual Leave, this may have been sanctioned at supervision, however on a future rota, the member of staff might have been allocated work during the leave requested. With this evidence at supervision the member of staff can go back to her manager with proof that the leave had been sanctioned.
Supervisions also ensure staff complete their role in line with policies and procedures. This in turn supports staff to support the individuals to a high standard of care and with best practice. The aim of supervision is to improve the quality of work and about management of staff, all contracted staff have PDP’s and this is also a time for both the manager and employee to see if the member of staff is meeting their objectives or if not why and if there are any problems t...


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