Understanding The Gladitorial Games N/A Essay

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Advertisement of the Gladiatorial Games
By Abhiraj Paliwal
- [Enter Narrator alone] – Stage Directions and background occurrences.
- {15 seconds} – Time taken for action to be completed.
- Narrator: Ancient Rome, home to the gladiatorial games… - Speeches and interaction with the viewer.
- Narrator: Morgan Freeman
[A Retarii gladiator sprints across the coarse flooring of the Coliseum, with blood-stained sand soaring across the skies; resembling a lion incessantly chasing his prey. Sweat dripping down his unadorned face, hair as wet as the walls in a roman bath-house; his Neptune-inspired trident in one-hand and his small dagger clenched in the other. His eyes display nothing except his intent to slaughter. He is suddenly struck down by a Murmillon short sword, lodged in his bare chest. His head is shown striking the sand in slow motion.]
{Spans over the course of 15 seconds}
[Narrator enters alone, in the Emperor’s Box]
Narrator: Let us commence the battle of ages. The legendary skirmish. One where we pit sea dweller against sea dweller. One which allows us to see who the ultimate fishermen are. One which enables us to see who the true children of Neptune are; who are the true kings of the ocean.
Here we pit the ruthless, and merciless Retarii, all equipped with tridents and harpoons, against that of the fierce and furious fish-helmeted Murmillones.
{The introduction of the narrator will be 22 seconds}
[Cuts to retired gladiators who had previously fought in their match-up prior.]
Retired Retarii gladiator: You need to be immensely brave to view such a historic event, or just down right ignorant. I remember I barely escaped with my life; their signature dagger wedged in my forearm. All I got out of this was the tasteless helmet depicting a fish and metal belt of one of my victims. This is a memory which will stick with me for all eternity; and one which ALL NEED TO SEE.
[This is done in the form of a voice-over, with the scr...


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