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Deborah Moore – Stafford Lodge Homes Caring for Autism.
Lead and manage a group living for adults.
1.1 – Residential accommodation and group living arrangements.
There are five different care models as below:
Residential care is a group living setting where a group of individuals live together who may require care on a daily basis, the individuals have their own bedrooms but have communal area’s lounge etc.
Extra care housing is housing for older individuals to enable them to live independence for as long as possible with access to services are responsible to their particular needs.
Nursing Homes - The entire above but with added medical facilities on site.
Shared Community – Living in a shared house and sharing facilities, but with the individuals having their own flat, some support may be needed.
Extra care housing - to enable the individual to have their own independence by having a self contained home and self caring.
Within the last twenty years the approaches have changed to meet the needs of the individuals to enable them to be more independence for as long as possible and to be more Person centred giving the choice back to the individual where they live, promoting independence.
The main function of any housing scheme is to promote independence as much as possible and for as long as possible.
In 1960 – 1970 The Civil Rights movement which resulted in the closure of psychiatric institutions and former asylums.
The Disabled Person’s Act brought about the movement of individuals out of long term institutions, the individual that I support would have been put into an institution where no choice was given and they would have been locked away from the community for many years and treated like second class people if it was not for this act, we have come a long way in care in the last 40 years.
1989 – Caring for people provided flexible care in individuals own homes, so they could lead a normal as life as possible with the support needed.
In 2000 – The Care Standards Act - An Act to establish a National Care Standards Commission; to make provision for the registration and regulation of children’s homes, independent hospitals, independent clinics, care homes, residential family centres, independent medical agencies, domiciliary care agencies, fostering agencies, nurses agencies and voluntary adoption agencies; to make provision for the regulation and inspection of local authority fostering and adoption services; to establish a General Social Care Council and a Care Council for Wales and make provision for the registration, regulation and training of social care workers.
Care Act 2014 - increased focus on well-being.
Now Care settings are more towards promote independence, more Person Centred giving the individuals choice around where they want to live, providing safe and stable care homes with added care if needed.
1.2 – Reviewing the balance between maintaining an environment that is safe and secure and promoting freedom and choice.
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