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Organizer Option 2:
Thesis: The City of Flint officials should provide better funding to ensure pipes are properly fixed so that lead will not contaminate the water because this will provide a safer water quality for Flint residents.
Solution Proposal
Information to establish the issue: City of Flint switched their main water source which caused lines to corrode and cause lead in the water.
Description: Pipes became corroded causing lead in the water. Lead levels increased in children and also cause some deaths.
Description: Replacing pipelines will help remove the toxins from being corroded and improve the drinking water.
Description: Not enough funding to replace the pipelines.
Concluding ideas: We do have the funding needed but the City has only touched so much of the available funding.
Evidence: In 2014 the City of Flint switched their main water source from Port Huron to the Flint river.
Evidence: I will find documentation on children's lead levels and how they increased after the City switched their main water source. I will also find documents on the amount of deaths that were caused by the water contamination.
Evidence: I will look for evidence showing how the new pipes will provide a better water quality.
Evidence: There are articles that I will use that claim there is not enough funding available.
Main points to reinforce: Replacing the pipes could remove toxins from corroded pipes.
Tips to Consider: How will you hook the audience? I plan to hook my audience by sticking to my main point and not adding unnecessary things confusing my readers.
Tips to Consider:
What examples could illustrate the problem? I plan to look for doctors testimonies on how the lead in children increased and what caused people to become ill and pass.
Tips to Consider: Who can implement this solution? I believe the state could offer the funding needed...

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