Unit 7 Assignment Purdue Global Mt140 Intro To Management Paper

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Unit 7 Assignment
May 6th 2019
Stephen Montalbano
Dr. Locker
Unit 7 Assignment
A very well known company I decided to choose is the Coca-Cola Company. The company was started in 1886, in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. Coca-Cola is multi-billion dollar corporation that specializes in non-alcoholic beverages. Coca-Cola is a leading company in beverages with four major brands known as Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Fanta
and Sprite.
Coca-Cola serves over two hundred (200) countries around the world and approximately 200,000,000 (two hundred million) people daily. It is one of the biggest beverage companies in the world. There are many plants throughout the world as well, which includes Africa and Eurasia, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Bottling Investments and Corporate. The Bottling Investment is the operation and distribution of bottled products of the company. Coca-Cola has gotten much bigger over the last one hundred-twenty five years, and has made its competitor, Pepsi Inc, falter in the line of competition and run for their market share.
Corporate Social Responsibility refers to the contribution of a business to the social and economic development of the surrounding community, improving the quality of life of the workforce and society at large. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is also aimed towards environmental improvement through things such as water and living conditions, improving air, conserving the environment and waste management.
Corporate social responsibility activities are seen through community- related projects like education, providing material goods and healthcare. In relation to CSR, Coca-Cola is a multinational firm that gives back to society. The company does a lot in corporate social responsibility. Coca-Cola has done a great job in focusing on goals that aim to reduce environmental destruction and actively participate in the building of better sustainable communities. ...


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