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The company that I have selected is Domino’s Pizza Inc., Dominoes is the United States largest pizza delivery company. Domino’s has an extremely large online customer database, they had 7.4 billion dollars in the sales and 2 million of that came from online ordering. They have over 10,000 dominos stores in over 70 countries. (David, 2015,p.372)
Domino’s Pizza Inc.
In 1960 two brothers that lived in foster homes most of their childhoods bought a small pizza shop in Ypsilanti, Michigan and named the store Domi-Nicks (David, 2015,p.372). Eventually in 1961 the one brother Tom traded his car to James for his half of the business. By 1965 Tom changed the name of his company to Domino’s Pizza Inc., throughout the 1960s and 1970s Domino’s Pizza flourished. By 1978 Domino’s Pizza had 200 stores in the United States (David, 2015, p.372) in the 1980s dominos rapidly increased in both the United States and Internationally. In 1998 when Tom retired and sold the company there were more than 6,000 dominos across the world. 1,500 of those dominoes were located internationally. Today about 96 percent of Domino’s stores are owned by franchisee, leaving very few company-owned Domino’s stores. (David, 2015,p.372)
Domino’s mission statement is “Exceptional franchisees and team members on a mission to be the best pizza delivery company in the world.”(David, 2015,p.373) Domino’s also has “guiding principles” which is based on the concept of unity. The four principles that dominoes practice to be a better company is putting people first, striving to make every customer a loyal customer, delivering with smart hustle and positive energy along with winning by improving results every day. Dominoes organizational structure consists of 11 top executives, which are mostly executive vice presidents (David, 2015,p.373). They operate from a functional organizational structure with the CEO being at the top of the chain.
The main strategy for domino’s Pizza Inc. is to continue expanding itself with an incentive-based system for franchisees in which it shares profits through increasing demands for new stores. What this strategy says about Dominos is that it is extremely orientated on expanding both domestically and internationally along with growing their online customer database and increasing sales amongst all platforms of the company. What the mission tells me about Domino’s...

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