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POLS 2302 Written Assignment
The Structure of Government in the United States
Summer 2018
The structures of government in the United States are quite complex and should be analyzed more appropriately to understand it. This paper seeks to critically examine three areas that had been studied in the semester and, which I find to be quite impressive, the three subject areas include; the powers of the president, the powers and structure of Congress, and lastly, the Texas Judicial Branch. To understand the function and way of operation of the United States government, the three identified areas are quite significant as they would give critical insight into the government as a whole. When it comes to the powers of the president, it is evident that the constitution offers few special powers to him/her that would enable the country to be governed in a better way (Cooper, 123). However, it is also important to indicate that the concept of the inherent powers expands the authority of the president typically. The central powers that are offered to the US’s president by the constitution to include, the treaty power, the legislative power, and the appointment powers. On the other hand, it is also critical to study the powers and structure of the US Congress to understand how the government runs, and more importantly, how the laws are made. Lastly, learning about the Texas Judicial Branch is essential as it would enable individuals to understand how the judiciary works in the United States. It is also an important thing to look into the contemporary issues of the highlighted topics.
In the contemporary world, it has been argued by most analysts including the Senate members that the office of the president has been given too many powers. It is also vital to state that most of these concerns have been brought up when Obama was in control. For this reason, Congress has always been trying to limit the powers given to the US president by the constitution. However, most of these issues regarding the powers of the president cannot only be termed to be contemporary concerns as such had been raised over the past years. The misgivings escalated at the time when Obama was in his second term and even became more serious when President Trump was in his first days of power (Cooper, 133). Since the time that Trump was inaugurated, such concerns regarding the president’s powers in the United States escalated as from January.
Analysts do state that this has been brought about by the fact that Trump’s bizarre public conduct had increasingly started to raise more questions among the citizens. For instance, most of the times, Trump’s actions of a continuous disregard of his policy experts who are meant to giving comprehensive guidance in matters of governance. It is believed that most of the policy experts would be of great value when it comes to the diplomacy. Therefore, it is expected that the president would have a difficult time when it comes to ensuring that...

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