Universal Gravitation Essay

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Solution: 1. Double-click the Outlook Express icon on the desktop.- or - On the taskbar, click the Start button, point to Programs, and then click Outlook Express. The Internet Connection Wizard appears.2. Follow the instructions.This properly configures MAPI.------------ Changing Color Settings When changing the color setting on your computer from 256 Colors to High Color (16 bit), you must either restart your computer, or reduce the hardware acceleration on your video card. Failure to either restart your computer or minimize your hardware acceleration could result in a General Protection Fault Error and a potential loss of data. To reduce your hardware acceleration for your video card, follow the instructions below.This problem is related to the ATI Rage II Video Card drivers, but may be caused by other video cards and drivers. To prevent this problem from occurring in the future, reinstall the latest drivers from the ATI Web site.Follow these steps to disable your hardware acceleration: 1. On the taskbar, click the Start button, point to Settings and then click Control Panel.2. Double-click the Display icon.3. Click the Settings tab.4. Click the Advanced button.5. Click the Performance tab.6. Next to Hardware acceleration, point to the slider and then click and hold the mouse while you drag the slider as far to the left as it will go. It should appear next to None.7. Click OK and then click Close.Printing Word Processor Templates Certain printer drivers may not print some Word Processor templates correctly.Although the document may appear to be correct when you click Print Preview on the File menu, it looks different when you print. For example, the printed version may be formatted differently from the original, the document may print on more than one page, or a blank page may appear at the end of the print out.This problem occurs with these and other drivers: * HP DeskJet: 2500, 680c, 692c, 1600, 670c, 660c * HP LaserJet: 2600, 4mv, 8550, 4500 To fix this problem, you must adjust the margins manually for the document.1. On the File menu, click Page Setup.2. If it isn't already selected, click the Margins tab.3. Adjust the settings so the document prints as you want it to.------------ MICROSOFT WORKS SUITE ONLY: If you are using Outlook, and also using Word as your e-mail editor (WordMail), an error may occur that causes Outlook or Word to stop functioning.Try one of the following: Do not use WordMail with Works 6.0.1. Start Outlook.2. On the Tools menu, click Options.3. On the Mail Format tab, clear the Use Microsoft Word to Edit E-mail Messages check box.4. Click Apply.5. Click Close.Uninstall Word in Works Suite Add-in.NOTE: This removes all Works templates and tasks from the Works Task Launcher, and removes Works enhancements from Word.1. On the taskbar, click the Start button, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.2. Double-click Add/Remove Programs.3. On the Install/Uninstall tab, select Word in Works Suite Add-in.4. Click...

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